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The Giving Greyhound
Excerpted from, Unlikely Heroes: 37 Inspiring Stories of Courage and Heart from the Animal Kingdom. By Jennifer Holland

Unlikely HeroesGrab a tissue because the dog in this story might just be the most generous-of-heart canine ever known.

Young Jasmine was left in a cold groundskeeper's shed without food or water for an unknown number of days. As a greyhound, she would not have survived long—she had no thick warm coat, no fat to nourish her in lean times. Fortunately, a policeman rescued the frightened pup after someone called the station about a barking dog. He soon brought her to Geoff Grewcock at the Nuneaton & Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary in England. It took a few months to rid her of her fears (and her fleas!), but finally something clicked in her. Despite the long face (she was a greyhound, after all), Jasmine's timidity and sadness Unlikely Heroespassed. "It's as though she suddenly realized she'd been rescued, that she no longer had to be scared, and that it was time to give back," Geoff says.

That giving back become Jasmine's purpose. From then on, she put all of her energy into making other animals feel welcome, comfortable, and safe, just as Geoff and others at the sanctuary had done for her. She'd stroll with the foxes like old friends (hounds Unlikely Heroesare supposed to chase foxes), and dote on a badger whose life she'd helped save. If an animal was injured or frightened—including a rabbit that had a bald patch where someone had repeatedly kicked her—she'd sit with it nestled beside her, licking and nuzzling as she saw fit. She seemed to sense who was abused, who was hurt, who just needed a little mothering or a playmate, and adjusted accordingly.

"Certain animals aren't just passing through…They're here doing something special," says Geoff. "That was Jasmine."

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