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"There is such a thing as good news"
What makes you happy?
(pet edition)

Share YOUR pet's picture on Freekibble!

We'll be posting a daily photo of a pet sent in from people in our Freekibble Community... in a new section on both Freekibble and Freekibblekat, called "What makes you happy?".

Want to share a photo of your amazing dog(s) or cat(s) on Freekibble or Freekibblekat? Here's the scoop:

  • SHOW us what makes you happy... send the best picture of your dog or cat (or both, or all 3, or...).
  • Send photo to, - along with your name, pet(s) name, city and state where you live.
  • Each day we'll share a new "happy"

Click here to check out today's "What makes you happy" photo on Freekibble... or Freekibblekat.

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