Freekibble Shelter Map
Every dog and cat deserves a decent dinner

Have you ever wondered where all the kibble goes? Click on the map below to find out!

Thanks to the help of our loyal community of passionate pet-lovers, we've fed over 14 million meals to homeless dogs and cats in shelters, rescues and food-banks across the country.

From a Beagle rescue in Oklahoma, to the ASPCA in New York City... to foster programs in Virgina and Arizona, to HSUS clinics in impoverished communities in the South and Northeast.

From a big dog shelter in Colorado, to cat sanctuaries in California and North Carolina... to Best Friends Animal Society in Utah, to food-banks in Ohio and Georgia.

From a senior dog rescue in Washington, to storm ravaged communities in Missouri, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Connecticut... to Greyhound rescues in Oregon and Florida, and many more.

Because at Freekibble, we believe that.... Every dog and cat deserves a decent dinner!

*Click on each State to see the shelters, rescues and food-banks that have received a combined 14 million+ meals from Freekibble!

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