Yea, I Kinda Laughed ‘Til I Snorted While Watching This (It’s That Good!)

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I can never get enough of Simon’s Cat! This one, Box Clever, is so purr-fect and so accurate, it’s crazy. This happens to most of us when it comes to taking our precious kitties to the vet. I’ve gone through great lengths to get my kitty, Isabelle, into her crate (for her own safety!). Yet, she outsmarts me every single time. This installment is a teaser to Simon’s Cat full length film “Off To The Vet.” I can’t wait to see it in 2016! I love all of the Simon’s Cat videos, but this might just be my new favorite!

Do you have this much trouble preparing your cat for a trip to the vet? Do you have any advice for other cat parents out there to make the trip more comfortable for them (and their cat!)? Let us know in the comments below!

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