10 of the Best Instagram Dogs You Need to Be Following Right Now! Get Ready for a Smile!


6. Momo

If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon of the internet’s newest and best game, Find Momo, then you definitely should! Photographer Andrew Knapp takes pictures of his beautiful dog, Momo, in a variety of different locations and it is our job to “Find Momo” in the pictures. The pictures range in difficulty, and are broken up nicely by the occasional close-up beauty shot of Momo. Can you #FindMomo ?

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5. Sookie and Ivy

Sookie and Ivy are two rescue pit bull mixes who are working to banish the negative stereotypes about the breed. One look at their goofy photoshoots, and you will be laughing in no time! These are some of the happiest dogs on the internet, for sure. Make sure to check out their feed, you won’t regret it!

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4. Otis

According to his page, Otis the boston terrier is part dog, part seal, and all hip. After one look at his adorable pictures, and you will surely agree! Whether he is flashing back to his puppy days , or showing off his incredible fashion sense, I think we can all agree that Otis is one hip pup.

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3. Sophie Gamand’S Rescue Pictures

Although not an instagram account dedicated solely to one specific dog, this one should definitely be on any dog lovers radar. Professional photographer Sophie Gamand is an animal advocate with an incredible skill. She photographs dogs around the New York City area in the hopes to increase awareness and promote the adoption of shelter dogs. Her photos are beautiful , and her models are super adorable!

2. Cosmo

Who doesn’t love a cuddly golden retriever? Cosmo is a beautiful 5-year-old golden retriever that lives in Malaysia and was sent here to warm our heart and soul. Whether he is showing off his toys or showing off his huge smile, Cosmo is the perfect addition to your feed.

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1. Otter

Otter the pit bull is a rescue from Philly with a heart as big as his smile. He loves to play dress up with his human, and has even been known to take a selfie  or two. How adorable is this guy?

Who Is Your Favorite Instagram Dog?