Freekibble Cares: Featured Cause for December 2016

Help Care for Rescued Baby Chimpanzees!

In the protected forests of Africa, poachers steal baby chimpanzees from their mothers and sell them on the black market, where they face a miserable existence locked in cages.

The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance is rescuing thousands of these baby chimps and caring for them in wildlife sanctuaries… but they need our support!

Please help! Just $10 feeds a baby chimp for a week!

For as long as I can remember, my main passion in life has been animals. I started in 2008 to help feed shelter pets. To date, we've donated over 21 million meals to homeless dogs and cats across the country. In large part, this has been possible because of the amazing support of the Freekibble community.

Freekibble Cares features causes each month focused on improving the lives of all different types of animals, showcasing groups doing important work for animals and asking that people support them. 100% of your donations go directly to that cause … it all makes a difference!

— Mimi Ausland