Warm Beds for Shelter Pets

WarmBedDogIt makes us sad to think that so many homeless animals at shelters are sleeping on cold kennel floors. It’s not that shelters don’t want to provide comfortable places for their animals to sleep, it’s that they can’t afford to, because of other expenses like food, water and medical care.

This is where we can help! For just $5.00 we can provide a warm bed for a shelter animal. These beds are brand-new, warm, soft fleece pet beds and they’ll give comfort to dogs and cats awaiting their forever homes! It’s such a simple way to give a scared, homeless dog or cat a warm and comfortable place to lie down and sleep… and not on a bare, hard floor. WarmBedCat

You can help keep shelter dogs and cats warm and comfortable this winter! Just $10 provides 2 warm beds; $25 provides 5 warm beds; and $50 provides 10 warm beds. Thank you for helping!

For as long as I can remember, my main passion in life has been animals. I started Freekibble.com in 2008 to help feed shelter pets. To date, we've donated over pieces of kibble to homeless dogs and cats across the country. In large part, this has been possible because of the amazing support of the Freekibble community.

Freekibble Cares features causes each month focused on improving the lives of all different types of animals, showcasing groups doing important work for animals and asking that people support them. 100% of your donations go directly to that cause … it all makes a difference!

— Mimi Ausland