Cat Steps in to Babysit Puppy So Dog Mama Can Take a Break

Honestly? No one likes to babysit.

Every one of us would rather do something more interesting than comfort a crying babe and sort out what it really needs to make the crying stop.

Photo: Tiktok/hannahcolson

In the movie Fantastic Beast: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Leta Lestrange even committed a terrible crime because she wanted to make her baby brother stop crying.

Well, that’s a little too extreme as an example of the dislike most of us feel toward babysitting.

Photo: Tiktok/hannahcolson

But this video of Fig the male Siamese cat, Olive the dog mama, and her whimpering puppy is quite hilarious and yet so deeply touching to watch.

The two adults seem to be asking each other who must take care of the puppy. Olive, as its mom, is ready to do so, although it’s obvious that the dog mama is already very tired.

Fig is thoughtful for some moments, then he quickly lies down beside the whimpering puppy and licks it to comfort it.

Photo: Tiktok/hannahcolson

Olive looks on for a while and then decides that her puppy is really in good hands in spite of Fig’s tough stepdad style of babysitting. Her puppy has stopped whimpering and appears to be cozy with all the licking and affectionate biting and hugs.

Walking away, Olive must be feeling grateful to have some time to relax. She has to admit that motherhood is really one heavy responsibility, and she’s glad that Fig is there to support her. He’s happy to do it, even if it means he has less time to hang out with his cat pals.

With more than 18 million views, this video surely relates to us all and what we generally feel about babysitting — and doing it for love.


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