You Helped Fly 180 Chihuahuas to Freedom – Thank You

Chihuahua in the cockpit!

Because of your amazing generosity in supporting Flights to Freedom, we flew 180 at-risk Chihuahuas to safety!

On June 15th, a flight left Fresno, CA carrying 180 healthy, loving chihuahuas. All were rescued from overcrowded, high–risk shelters and flown to Minnesota & Michigan — where they were quickly adopted into loving families!

Most of these chihuahuas wouldn’t have survived if they weren’t on the flight.

Meet some of the 180 Passengers that were on the Flight to Freedom:

They don’t know it yet, but their lives are about to change!

Already in 2019, YOU, together with the work of our amazing partner, Wings of Rescue, have flown 5,569 at-risk pets on Flights to Freedom (3,611 dogs, 1,946 cats & 12 pot-bellied pigs).

Carmel, Fluffy, Butterscotch & Batman, rescued and ready to fly.

Along with the 1,000s of pets you’ve helped us fly to their new homes, and the 180 Chihuahuas… we THANK YOU.

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