Freekibble Flight to Freedom: April 2018

Next Flight! In Oklahoma, 110 Dogs and Cats Are Waiting for Their Flight to Freedom

On April 14th, a flight is scheduled to leave Tulsa, Oklahoma, carrying 110 loving, healthy dogs and cats from abusive, hoarding cases and flown to Michigan, where they’ll be adopted into new families… for a second chance at a happy life!

Most of these dogs and cats won’t survive if they don’t make this flight.

Five of the 110 Pet Passengers – all abandoned and waiting for their Flight to Freedom:

Barney – found in Texas, abandoned and in rough shape.

Alaska – abandoned & found in a tiny crate without food or water.

Pickles & Cheddar, found covered in fleas and starving.

Rose – Gentle and loving, rescued and ready for a 2nd chance

The Freekibble community has helped fly thousands of pets to freedom – that would not have survived otherwise. Thank you! With your continued support of Freekibble Flights to Freedom, we’ll fly many, many more pets to safety!

In shelters across the country, highly adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized just because the shelters are overcrowded. In other areas, shelters have a shortage of adoptable pets. Freekibble is working with Wings of Rescue to save homeless pets by flying them to shelters where they’re immediately adopted! Wings of Rescue partnered with Freekibble to fly 11,183 pets to new homes last year alone! 100% of your donation goes directly to the cost of flying pets to freedom.