Freekibble Impact, Fall of 2019!

We want to GIVE THANKS to our incredible Freekibble Community – you continue to amaze us!

Because of YOU and your support of Freekibble, we feed and care for shelter animals everyday. Over the course of the Fall, your daily actions have added up to saving and caring for LOTS of animals in need!

Due to the extraordinary support of the Freekibble Community (you) and our partnership with GreaterGood, this Fall we’ve had a BIG impact! From September until now, we have:

Shaggy is the king of the kibble!

Donated nearly 122 Million pieces of HALO kibble, feeding tens of thousands of shelter pets the highest quality food! Donated 320,000+ scoops of Fresh Step litter to care for shelter cats & kittens.

They’re so excited for all the donations!

Through the Freekibble Cares Program, you helped us fund over $108,000.00 to support…

Animals Impacted by Hurricane Dorian.

Dorian was brutal and impacted a lot of pets and you helped supply food, medical care and shelter to hundreds of displaced or injured animals.

Soldiers Saving Pets in war zones.

Lola and Goat both reunited with their soldiers

Flights to Freedom flying hundreds of dogs & cats to safety.

Butterscotch flown to safety and a new home in Seattle

Comforting and Caring for animals in need, beyond feeding them.

Blankets to shelter pets, bottle feeding motherless kittens and puppies, building a sanctuary for senior pets… and so much more!

And…you helped us vaccinate over 13,000 shelter pets through the Kibble Plus program!

A heartfelt thanks to you all – your continued support has helped animals in need with $14 million worth of food and care.

Thank you – I hope you know the difference you’re making!

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