QUIZ: Know Your Noses? Guess These Dog Breeds From Their Snuggly Snouts

It’s one thing to be able to identify a dog breed by it’s coat, color, and even size, but their noses provide a different challenge altogether.

From Labradors to Lhasa Apsos, every dog has one. They come in all shapes and sizes, but share similarities like being wet and prone to sniff. Given that dogs are often known for their smart sense of scent, knowing their noses may be the best way to your faithful friend’s heart.

The canine olfactory system has been measured to be between 10,000 to 100,000 times more sensitive than the same sense in humans, meaning they can detect the subtlest differences in the environment far faster than we can.

Their noses are typically wet because their mucus glands (when working correctly) are helping to regulate the dog’s body temperature. They also help your pup distinguish various odors.

Think you know your noses? Test your knowledge with the quiz below!

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