You Know You’ve Seen Their Furry Faces Before — Can You Name These Famous Felines?

Of course, you’ve heard of Cole and Marmalade, but do you think you could tell them apart in a lineup?

From live video feeds to the blogosphere, we’ve seen no shortage of cute cat footage in even the last month, let alone the past year. And this fact is one we can all agree on: if there’s one thing fans of the Animal Rescue Site enjoy, it’s popular cat content.

Whether it’s a tame tabby or a spirited Sphynx they fancy, we have some of the most feline-friendly fans in the world. And now it’s time to put that title to the test.


Here’s your chance to prove your internet IQ in the category of famous felines. Do you know who’s gone viral and who’s just a one-share wonder?

Take our quiz, find out how much you know, and share the results with your friends!