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scoops of litter and more to shelter cats!

October’s litter scoop total so far is 16,822.View our site totals and read our FAQ

Streak Leaders

Name Days In a Row
Susan G. 467
Margit B. 467
Jenalee M. 465
Linda M. 465
Melissa V. 463
Susan S. 446
Angela M. 443
Patricia M. 440
Paul L. 429
Judy K. 429

Kibble Leaders

Name Kibble Pieces
Sara G. 475,690
Gayle L. 375,750
Carolyn W. 363,460
Kathryn W. 353,130
Melody G. 345,740
Margaret M. 335,690
Marybeth L. 321,160
Francis F. 297,530
Judith M. 258,080
Joaquim D. 257,050

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My cats Autumn & Hallie. Susan, Bend, OR.

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