Thank You for Joining Freekibble’s Kibble Plus Program!

ANNUAL APRIL KIBBLE PLUS SPECIAL: In honor of April, we’re donating the value of an additional 10,000 pieces of kibble to shelter pets – for every renewing and first time member!

Thank You!

Starting tomorrow, you’ll be doubling your kibbledonation by the value of 20 pieces to shelter dogs and cats, each day you answer the trivia questions.

And as a Kibble Plus member, in addition to doubling your daily kibble donation, each month we will…

  • Add an additional value of 1,000 pieces of kibble to your donations
  • Vaccinate one shelter dog or one cat – whichever you chose

Now that you’re a Kibble Plus member, after answering the trivia question, you’ll see the message that you’ve just donated the value of 20 pieces of kibble. If on any day you don’t see this message after answering the trivia, you can simply log back in, from the link on the Freekibble or Freekibble Kat home page.

An email has been sent to you to confirm your status as a KIBBLE PLUS member. Please tell your friends and family… so we can help even more homeless pets!