Before You Start Bringing Plants Into Your Home, Make Sure They’re Safe For Your Pets!

The benefits of having plants in your house or office are well documented. Humans need fresh air and nature in their lives, even if it’s simply bringing the outdoors inside. But while house plants can add a great deal to your home, if you have pets, finding the right plants can be difficult. Many common houseplants, including herbs, flowers, ferns, and more, can be poisonous to your dog or cat. The toxicity level can vary, some plants causing irritation or vomiting, while others can lead to death. Luckily, there are plenty of amazing and beautiful plants that you can bring into your home that won’t pose any issues for your furry loved one.

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First thing to do is check on what you have in the house. There are numerous sources you can use, such as Pet Poison Hotline, the Humane Society, and your veterinarian. Even a quick Google search can point you in the right direction.

We put together a list of some (but far from all) of the more popular flora you can bring into your home that won’t put your pets in any danger, so if you’re looking at bringing plants in, start here!


Growing your own herbs is one of the best things you can do for your culinary creations, and there isn’t a comparison between fresh and store-bought. But it’s also safe for your pets! There are a number of herbs that are safe, easy to grow indoors, and have the dual purpose of making your food taste even more vibrant.


Dill is another great herb you can grow on the windowsill in your kitchen. While it’s primarily a summer plant, its lush green color and incredible smell are enough reason to have it. Adding it to food is simply a great bonus!


Turning your kitchen window into an herb garden is one of the best ways to liven up your house, and thyme is yet another perfect addition. Tasty and safe, it’s a beautiful plant with multiple uses.

Common Camellia

Camellia is a fairly common flower that is grown in gardens across the country and can flourish indoors as well. Originally used for tea and the cleaning and protection of cutting instruments, the flower has been bred to bring out the colors and flavors in the plant. Offering a delicate color and wonderful smell, the camellia takes a little more work than most house plants, but the results are always worth it.


Snapdragons are another type of gorgeous flower that is easy to grow indoors or out. It’s light on scent for those sensitive to strong scents, and it provides amazing displays when it blooms. A fantastic choice for your indoor decorating.

Hens & Chicks

Hens and Chicks are some of, if not the, easiest pants to take care of indoors. They need very little sunlight or water and are incredibly tough to actually kill. The best part is that they are perfectly safe for your pets! If you’re worried about caring for a plant, hens and chicks are the perfect starting point for you.


Bamboo is extremely common. You can find it in big box stores, malls, and almost anywhere you can pick up plants. Not only is it beautiful and verdant, it’s another plant that’s 100% safe and easy to care for. Keep it in standing water, change it periodically, and you’re set! An awesome addition to the home.

Spider Plant

Chances are you’ve seen spider plants. A staple of homes, offices, and waiting rooms, spider plants are easy to care for, one of the best plants for cleaning air in the home, and totally non-toxic for dogs and cats (and your cats will definitely chew the leaves). Regular watering and allowing them to dry in between watering is really all you need to do. Simple and lovely.

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Venus Fly Trap

It might seem like an odd addition, but the venus fly trap is actually a perfect houseplant! Green, easy to care for, and unusually beautiful, they are one of the most entertaining plants to have. The fact that they will help keep flies in check during the summer months is just an added bonus.

There are dozens of other plants that are safe, but remember to always research a plant before bringing it around your fuzzy children.