Freekibble shout-outs are our way of saying thanks to the amazing people and organizations that do extraordinary things to take care of animals in need. Please join us in thanking these incredible people for their selfless efforts to help animals!

Shout-Out: Tree-Climbing Brothers Reunite Cat With Grieving Owner

tree-climbJudy Chapman’s 18-year-old cat, Coffee, meant the world to her. A constant reminder of her husband who passed in 2007, Coffee never left his side while he was sick. So when Coffee recently went missing, Judy was very upset and unable to sleep for three days.

Instead of calling a firefighter to come rescue Coffee, Judy found Canopy Cat Rescue, run by brothers Shaun Sears and Tom Otto. The brothers, both certified arborists combined their love for animals and their education in Forest Ecology “to help rescue cats stuck up in trees, and help reunite owners with their feline friends.” And they save the cats at no charge, just an optional donation.

Shaun explains that the most rewarding thing is when they rescue a cat they find cold and shivering, and in a matter of minutes it’s purring in his arms. “You feel that, and that definitely makes it worth it for me.”

“It meant the world. It really did,” Judy told KIRO Radio about Coffee’s rescue. “They’re my kids! They’re little people that you’ve lived with for 18 years.”

Thank you Canopy Cat Rescue!

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