Past Trivia

Question for Friday, February 23 2018

More ___ in food may help your young pets grow, but too much can be harmful for older animals, especially if they have kidney problems.

  • Proteincorrect answer
  • Potatoes
  • Pickles
  • Peas

Pet food that's high in protein doesn't always equate to a healthy animal. Look for well-balanced foods that are specific to your pet. Click for Photo & More! →

Question for Thursday, February 22 2018

When Delilah, an adorable big eared, brown eyed Chihuahua puppy was rescued, she was found to have a weak _____. But there’s still hope!

  • Sense of smell
  • Heartcorrect answer
  • Appetite
  • Bladder

Delilah was found to have a heart disease & if left untreated she won't make it - but with life-saving surgery, the sweet pup will be able to live a long, happy life! Click for Photo & More! →

Question for Wednesday, February 21 2018

This unsavory behavior in dogs, known as ___, is where they eat their own stool or the stool of other dogs. It’s actually pretty common!

  • Coprophagycorrect answer
  • Misophagy
  • Pipophagy
  • Critophagy

Do you have a dog or know a dog that has coprophagy? Check out the reasons behind this unwanted behavior & what to do about it! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Tuesday, February 20 2018

A ___ named Erika was found by a dog sanctuary needing her leg amputated. She still has her pink ears & short snout though!

  • Elephant
  • Frog
  • Pigcorrect answer
  • Cat

After precious pig Erika recovered, a resident dog named Panda befriended her & they've been buddies ever since! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Monday, February 19 2018

Olympic freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy is winning hearts & raising awareness at this year’s Winter Olympics in ___.

  • Sochi
  • Vancouver
  • Pyeongchangcorrect answer
  • Salt Lake City

Gus plans on rescuing dogs while competing at this year's Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Check out his amazing hard work! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Sunday, February 18 2018

What are sun dogs?

  • Sunglasses for dogs
  • Dogs who love sunbathing
  • Bright spots on either side of the suncorrect answer
  • Dolphins riding the waves with surfers

Sunlight can interact with ice crystals high in the atmosphere to produce bright spots on either side of the sun known as sun dogs!

Question for Saturday, February 17 2018

This small scrappy dog is popular in the southern United States, known for hunting small game above ground, & treeing squirrels.

  • Boston Terrier
  • Chihuahua
  • Catahoula
  • Feistcorrect answer

The feist is an energetic dog believed to originate in England from a mix of small terrier breeds, & known for treeing squirrels!

Question for Friday, February 16 2018

The ___ is beautifully handmade & has a flattering fit. You’re sure to want two — which is perfect because they’re buy 1 get 1 FREE!

  • Bond Between Sisters Pin
  • Painted Paws Kitchen Towel
  • Midnight Bling Paws Purse
  • Colors of the Sky Tunic Collectioncorrect answer

You'll love the details in the Colors of the Sky Tunic Collection. Not only are they on sale & BOGO, but they feed 71 shelter animals! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Thursday, February 15 2018

Shelter dog Negra kept snapping at people. His rabies tag indicated he was 20 years old. Elaine used ___ & a blanket to win his heart!

  • Baby foodcorrect answer
  • Frozen hard bones
  • Cat milk
  • None of the above

By coaxing him with some baby food & wrapping him in a blanket, Negra melted into a pool of love. That wasn't the only secret he had! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Wednesday, February 14 2018

Katherine & Shawn have a true ___ story thanks to their mutual dedication to animals in need. It even led to a wedding!

  • Lovecorrect answer
  • Heroism
  • Rescue
  • Adoption

You'll love the story of how these two came to fall in love. Their passion & love for animals has grown even stronger! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Tuesday, February 13 2018

We’re spreading the love during our ___ where everyone who enters gets a chance at ___ shopping sprees & a FREE gift.

  • Valentine's Day Giveaway; 6correct answer
  • Easter Giveaway; Unlimited
  • Love 2 Love campaign; Zero
  • Hug A Puppy Event; 1000

Enter our Valentine's Day Giveaway for a FREE Paw Print Watch & a chance at 6 different shopping sprees! We really feel the love! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Monday, February 12 2018

On Valentine’s Day, we’re putting A LOT of LOVE in the air when we fly ____ dogs & cats on their Flight to Freedom – and to a 2nd chance at a happy life!

  • 55
  • 125
  • 500correct answer
  • 1 Million!

It's a special Valentine's Day Flight to Freedom - flying 500 loving dogs & cats from high-kill shelters in the south to shelters across the country where they'll be immediately adopted ♥ Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Sunday, February 11 2018

George Washington loved dogs. He had a foxhound named ___ and a Dalmatian named ___!

  • Sweet Lips, Madame Moosecorrect answer
  • Harry, Sally
  • Hamlet, Sir Andrew Aguechee
  • George William, Frederick

Madame Moose was a Dalmatian that served as George Washington's "coach dog," and Sweet Lips was one of his favorite hounds!

Question for Saturday, February 10 2018

New to the world and still developing, newborn puppies are born with their ___ still closed.

  • Eyes
  • Ear canals
  • Nostrils
  • Eyes & ear canalscorrect answer

Newborn puppies are born with their eyes & ear canals closed. Both open around 2 weeks of age, as the brain continues to develop.

Question for Friday, February 9 2018

The ___ are as ready for adventure as you are. Plus, with spring around the corner, they’re sure to put a ‘spring’ in your step!

  • Smell the Flowers Pajama Shorts Set
  • Paws Galore™ Spiral Notebook
  • Classic Paw Retractable Lanyard
  • Fluttering Friends Sport Sandalscorrect answer

You'll love the Fluttering Friends Sport Sandals, not only for their comfort, but because they donate 71 bowls of food too! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Thursday, February 8 2018

Snow, a Siberian husky was watching his brother, Loki, ___ a treat on his head when his impatience got the best of him!

  • Balancecorrect answer
  • Build
  • Eat
  • None of the above

You'll love this cute interaction between two doggy brothers! Loki struggled to balance the treat & Snow did something very sneaky! Click for Video & More! →

Question for Wednesday, February 7 2018

___ symptoms in dogs look similar to those of people, but it’s not contagious to humans, and there is a vaccination.

  • Mange
  • Giardia
  • Flucorrect answer
  • Tapeworm

Flu symptoms in dogs are similar to the human symptoms, so check with your vet if Fido is showing the signs. But what about your cat? Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Tuesday, February 6 2018

In Tanzania, these pro-sniffers are helping to put an end to ___! They find illegal ivory, tusks, & horns so arrests can be made!

  • Poacherscorrect answer
  • Treasure hunters
  • Illegal elephants
  • None of the above

Check out Tony, Popo, DJ, & Radar as they stop poaching in its tracks! You'll love hearing how this crew does its work! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Monday, February 5 2018

Maddie, a(n) ___, went from homeless to adventurer. She travels across all 50 states with her best friend & dog dad, Theron.

  • German shepherd dog
  • American english coonhoundcorrect answer
  • Great dane
  • German shorthair pointer

American English coonhounds love the outdoors & Theron is sure to capture his favorite moments with his best friend, Maddie. Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Sunday, February 4 2018

The Coton de Tulear breed is from Madagascar, and is small and sweet with a ___ coat. It’s a close relative of the ___!

  • Long and soft, Maltesecorrect answer
  • Short and cool, Greyhound
  • Short and curly, Otterhound
  • Medium and rough, Westie

With a long and soft coat, the Coton de Tulear is an affectionate little dog with a heart of gold, much like the closely related Maltese!

Question for Saturday, February 3 2018

A dog’s appearance, including size, shape, and coat, are controlled by ___ genes.

  • Just a fewcorrect answer
  • Many different
  • Mycorrhizal
  • Prokaryotic

To the surprise of scientists mapping dog DNA, dramatic physical differences in dogs are controlled by variations in just a few genes!

Question for Friday, February 2 2018

In honor of the Super Bowl (in 2 days!) we’re celebrating our 3rd annual ______ to feed MORE shelter pets!

  • Dogalooza
  • Shelter Bowlcorrect answer
  • Feline Festival
  • Puppy Parade

It's our 3rd annual SHELTER BOWL! This year’s goal is to donate 400,000 nutritious meals to shelter pets all across the country - everybody wins! Click for Photo & More! →

Question for Thursday, February 1 2018

Jester, a ___, might be mistaken for a German shepherd. But he’s smaller & a bit faster, especially when it comes to his tennis ball!

  • Gordon setter
  • Belgian malinoiscorrect answer
  • Golden retriever
  • Weimaraner

A Belgian malinois, Jester & Officer Walker like to have tons of fun when they're not patrolling. Check out how fast he catches his ball! Click for Photo, Video & More! →

Question for Wednesday, January 31 2018

During our Dreaming of Summer Giveaway, everyone who enters can get a …

  • Free gift
  • Chance to win a $200 shopping spree
  • Chance to win a $50 shopping spree
  • All of the abovecorrect answer

Enter to win a $200 shopping spree or 1 of 5 $50 sprees in our Dreaming of Summer Giveaway, & grab FREE Collapsible Water Bottles. Click To Enter! →

Question for Tuesday, January 30 2018

On January 10th, Mimi Ausland (founder of Freekibble) followed ____ on their Flight to Freedom and their journey to a 2nd chance at a happy life!

  • 88 ferrets
  • 22 lions
  • 135 dogs and catscorrect answer
  • 555 gerbils

Mimi followed 135 dogs and cats on their Flight to Freedom from Memphis to Seattle - these pets wouldn't have survived without the flight and it's a happy ending for all! Click for Video & More! →

Question for Monday, January 29 2018

Loving, loyal, protective, fun, funny… these _____ reaffirm why dogs are our best friends!

  • Bizarre videos
  • Heart-warming photoscorrect answer
  • Love songs
  • Fairy tales

Not that we need any convincing, but these heart-warming photos show the unconditional love and loyalty of our 4-legged best friends! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Sunday, January 28 2018

This species of wild dog has a tri-colored coat, huge rounded ears, and stiff bristly fur without insulating underfur.

  • Bat-eared fox
  • African wild dogcorrect answer
  • Serval
  • Dhole

The African wild dog is also known as the African painted dog for its amazingly variable coat. They live in packs and are mighty hunters!

Question for Saturday, January 27 2018

Thanks to a our sponsor ___ & our daily Freekibblers, two starving dogs were rescued & brought back from terrible conditions!

  • Angel
  • Halocorrect answer
  • Biddem
  • Kibbler

Found starving & covered in ticks, it took months for these pups to recover. We couldn't have done it without you & our partner, Halo! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Friday, January 26 2018

Despite some controversy, it’s generally accepted that French bulldogs came from ___. The beloved bat ears, however, are all-American!

  • France
  • Englandcorrect answer
  • America
  • Singapore

Originally from England & refined in France, today's Frenchie owes its bat ears to America. What makes these dogs so charismatic? Click for Photo & More! →

Question for Thursday, January 25 2018

Service dogs can be trained to detect ___. But nobody expected Toby, a hyperactive pup rescued from a shelter, to teach himself to do it!

  • Aging
  • Infared
  • Rumors
  • Seizurescorrect answer

Parker knew that Toby would be the perfect dog for his family, but had no idea Toby would alert him to his seizures. What an amazing dog! Click for Photo & More! →

Question for Wednesday, January 24 2018

___ training can help provide dogs with a safe place and improve their travel experience, but should not be used for separation anxiety.

  • Clicker
  • Cratecorrect answer
  • Leash
  • Toilet

Crate training is a great way to foster a safe space for your dog, & can provide a safe space away from home. Learn how to get started! Click for Photo & More! →

Question for Tuesday, January 23 2018

After analyzing data for more than 3.4 million people in Sweden, scientists found a correlation between having a dog and ___!

  • Higher blood pressure
  • Living longercorrect answer
  • Better eyesight
  • Healthier eating habits

Swedish scientists found a correlation between having a dog and living longer, possibly due to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease! Click for Photo & More! →

Question for Monday, January 22 2018

Rescue Box is a great way to treat your dog every month. Today, FreeKibblers get ____ as an extra treat!

  • A cookie & a dog biscuit
  • 20% off when you sign up
  • 20 cookies & a dog biscuit
  • $20 off when you sign upcorrect answer

Sign up for Rescue Boxes full of dog treats & toys, plus something for you. It helps shelter animals, & FreeKibblers get $20 off today! Click for Photo & Discount in Your Cart! →

Question for Sunday, January 21 2018

In an odd twist of fate, greater spotted dogfish are actually part of the Scyliorhinidae shark family, commonly called ___!

  • Whale sharks
  • Catsharkscorrect answer
  • Tiger sharks
  • Wobbegong sharks

Greater spotted dogfish, also known as nursehounds, are actually quiet, nocturnal members of the catshark family!

Question for Saturday, January 20 2018

The national dog of Japan is the ___, a stunning dog with a curled tail and a thick double-coat. Helen Keller had one named Kamikaze-go!

  • Tosa Inu
  • Akita Inucorrect answer
  • Kishu Ken
  • Scottish Terrier

The Akita Inu, the national dog of Japan, is slightly smaller with different allowable colors & patterns compared to the American Akita!

Question for Friday, January 19 2018

2018 is a very auspicious year for FreeKibblers: according to the Chinese zodiac, it’s the year of the ___!

  • Monkey
  • Horse
  • Dogcorrect answer
  • Mastiff

FreeKibblers, rejoice! 2018 is the Year of the Dog. Celebrate with our sweet Year of the Dog Tee; it's on sale & funds 35 bowls of food! Click for Photo & More! →