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THANK YOU for wanting to help feed and care for more shelter pets! Kibble Plus Members have donated the value of an additional 455 Million pieces of kibble and vaccinations for over 250,000 shelter pets – it makes a difference!

Kibble Plus

Choose from one of four different Kibble Plus Plans below. When you sign up, an extra donation will be given to feed shelter pets! You can start with a FREE Sidekick Plan and track how much kibble and litter you’ve donated on your personal dashboard! Plus earn badges & rack up extra kibble along the way while you compete to get your name on one of the leaderboards! The more you play, the more we give.

Join at the FOSTER, RESCUE, or HERO levels and you’ll to increase the value of your impact SO MUCH MORE

  • New Member Sign Up Bonus of up to 30,000 pieces of kibble
  • Add as much as 5,000 pieces of kibble to your donations monthly
  • Vaccinate up to 3 shelter pets every month
  • QUADRUPLE your daily trivia donations from 10 to 40 pieces of kibble!!

Every day you can track how much you’ve helped raise to feed and care for shelter pets in need on your personal dashboard!

Your information will be protected and kept confidential. Questions about the program? Email us!

See how Kibble Plus makes an amazing impact every single day, the amounts donated, and read our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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