Freekibble Kibble Plus Program

THANK YOU for wanting to help feed and care for more shelter pets! Kibble Plus Members have donated an additional 340 Million pieces of kibble and vaccinated over 227,000 shelter pets – it makes a difference!

MARCH’S MORE MEALS SPECIAL: March is here, and to Feed More shelter pets, for each new member sign up we’re donating an EXTRA 10,000 pieces of kibble to FEED MORE MEALS to homeless pets in March!

Kibble PlusFor just $5.00 per month, membership includes doubling your daily kibble donation from 10 to 20 pieces each time you play the trivia – for both dogs and cats! PLUS each month we will…

  • Add an additional 1,000 pieces of kibble to your donations
  • Vaccinate one shelter dog or one cat – your choice
  • 10,000 pieces of kibble New Member Bonus!

Your information will be protected and kept confidential. Questions about the program? Email us.

*Shipping and handling apply to the gift offer only

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  •  Yearly - $50.00 per Year (renewal is optional)

Monthly plan automatically renews each month, and you may cancel at any time from your account page. If you choose the yearly plan, you will need to renew from your account page. We will email you a reminder.