Allowing Sound on Freekibble

Recent versions of Safari and Firefox browsers block auto-playing media – videos or sound where you didn’t click on something to play it. They’re trying to make the web less annoying but unfortunately it means that your dogs aren’t barking and your cats aren’t meowing!

You can tell your browser to allow Freekibble to play sound – below are instructions for changing the settings for Freekibble (and not for every site you visit, only this one).

Safari for iOS – the browser on your iPhone or iPad – doesn’t have a setting to allow this. We’re sorry about that.

Firefox: Preferences/Privacy & Security

Go to the URL “about:preferences#privacy” or click “Preferences” then “Privacy & Security” in the application menu:

Click on “Exceptions” next to “Block websites from automatically playing sound”, enter “” and “Allow”.

Safari for macOS: Settings for This Website

Click on “Settings for This Website” in the application menu:

Or control-click on the URL:

Then “Allow All Auto-Play”: