Past Trivia

Question for Wednesday, December 12 2018

Some dogs find creative solutions to play fetch by themselves. Bear used this springy outdoor toy for a dynamic one-dog game!

  • Sprinkler
  • Monkey bars
  • Swingset
  • Trampolinecorrect answer

Good thing Stephanie was there to record Bear playing fetch with himself using their trampoline; he's one clever, happy pup! Click for Photos, Video & More! →

Question for Tuesday, December 11 2018

Humans have a field of vision of 180 degrees; your dog’s is around ___ degrees. With that range, almost nothing should go unnoticed!

  • 190
  • 240correct answer
  • 320
  • 360

With a field of view of about 240 degrees, these dogs seemed to have noticed that something (or someone) is lurking right behind them! Check Out These Silly Photos! →

Question for Monday, December 10 2018

Did your puppies hang ___ by the chimney with care this holiday season, hoping Santa will fill them with tasty treats and squeaky toys?

  • Fur
  • Stockingscorrect answer
  • Mistletoe
  • Spiders

The $200 shopping spree prize in our Stocking Stuffer would fill a lot of puppy stockings. Enter for a chance to win, & choice of FREE gift! Enter The Giveaway Here & Claim Your Gift! →

Question for Sunday, December 9 2018

Tokyo’s Shibuya train station honors Hachiko, an Akita who visited the station every day for over 9 years waiting for ___ .

  • A group a children
  • His best dog-friend
  • His guardian to returncorrect answer
  • Groceries to be delivered

Hachiko accompanied his guardian to the train station every morning. He waited every afternoon for his return!

Question for Saturday, December 8 2018

This breed typically has a silvery (or blue!) coat, and was named after the German city where a new constitution was drafted after WWI.

  • German shorthair pointer
  • Weimaranercorrect answer
  • Poodle
  • Affenpinscher

Nicknamed ‘the grey ghost,’ the Weimaraner is a smooth, long-legged, silver-gray dog named after the German city of Weimar.

Question for Friday, December 7 2018

8-year-old Jack had only been ___ rescue pug Amelia for a few days, but it was time to give her back so she could go up for adoption.

  • Fosteringcorrect answer
  • Petting
  • Feeding
  • None of the above

Janeen, who rescues pugs, saw the bond that grew between Jack & Amelia while he was fostering her. She knew what she had to do! Click for Photos & Sweet Story! →

Question for Thursday, December 6 2018

These ___ have a cute holiday theme, plus they’ll keep you all snug & ready to cuddle up with your pet for a good movie or book!

  • Matching Bond Between Sisters Pins
  • Snowflakes & Paws Flannel Pajamascorrect answer
  • Dog Mom & Dog Dad Mugs
  • Ceramic Paws Measuring Spoons

Stay toasty with our Snowflakes & Paws Flannel Pajamas Set! It also makes a perfect gift to put under the tree & feeds 71 shelter pets. Grab A Set Now! →

Question for Wednesday, December 5 2018

Dogs come in different sizes & have different needs, so take care in selecting the appropriate ___ for snowy walks together!

  • Outerwear correct answer
  • Toys
  • Leashes
  • Hot chocolate

Your pup's cold tolerance depends on size, breed, & age. Choose the right outerwear, and learn to recognize frostbite & hypothermia! What's Too Cold For Your Dog? →

Question for Tuesday, December 4 2018

When gearing up for bed, be sure to bring your pup with you! Studies show that dogs provide ___, & a bit of warmth, too.

  • Restlessness
  • Security
  • Comfort
  • Security & comfortcorrect answer

Stella doesn't mind cuddling up for bed! It sure looks like she's providing plenty of comfort & security for her human companion. Click for Cute Video & More! →

Question for Monday, December 3 2018

Instead of taking a break on Thanksgiving day, volunteers gave shelter pups a special meal filled with things like turkey & ___!

  • Cooked rice
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Onion soup
  • Rice & sweet potatoescorrect answer

Volunteers made the pups' day extra special by giving them bowls filled with sweet potato, rice, & other goodies. Take a look! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Sunday, December 2 2018

When you sign up for Kibble Plus, we double your daily kibble, vaccinate a shelter pet, & donate a 10,000 piece bonus… for just _____ per month!

  • 50 cents
  • $5correct answer
  • $15
  • $25

$5 bucks a month to sign up for Kibble Plus... feeds and cares for A LOT of homeless dogs and cats! Click for Photo & More! →

Question for Saturday, December 1 2018

In addition to being cute & charismatic, which of these features do Newfoundland dogs and ducks share?

  • Water-resistant coats
  • Webbed feet
  • Pinfeathers
  • Webbed feet & water-resistant coatscorrect answer

Newfoundlands have water-resistant coats & webbed feet. Their early jobs were to help fishermen & rescue people from drowning!

Question for Friday, November 30 2018

On average, puppies sleep about ___ in a day! It’s good to let them rest, or else they can get a bit grumpy.

  • 7
  • 10
  • 17correct answer
  • 24

Puppies need about 17 hours of sleep; adult dogs need a bit less. It's no wonder they sometimes use other dogs as pillows! Click for Photo & More! →

Question for Thursday, November 29 2018

Last day of the Week of Giving! This holiday season, keep your paws as cozy & stylish as you are with these ___! Your feet will feel as warm as your heart.

  • Cozy Kitties Grande Ceramic Mugs
  • Pawsitively Beautiful Paw Sandals
  • Paw Print Muffin Pans
  • Paw Print Mid Rise Knit Bootscorrect answer

Our Paw Print Mid Rise Knit Boots keep your paws warm all winter, & feed 71 shelter animals. Check out the three beautiful colors! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Wednesday, November 28 2018

Thankfully, springtime ___ aren’t a problem at the moment, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at these cute dogs ___ !

  • Zoomies; napping
  • Snacks; eating treats
  • Showers; getting baths
  • Allergies; sneezingcorrect answer

I sure hope these sweet pups don't have allergies, but their sneezes were caught at just the right moment to look really silly! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Tuesday, November 27 2018

With Freezing temperatures, an increase in surrendered animals, & added expenses, homeless animals need _____ more than ever!

  • Free kibblecorrect answer
  • Rhinestone collars
  • Extra toys
  • Grooming

This Giving Tuesday, help us provide as much kibble as possible to hungry shelter animals across the U.S. Just $2 provides 80 meals! Click for More! →

Question for Monday, November 26 2018

Your ___ have shared your secrets, offered a helping hand, & given you unconditional love. Show how much they mean to you with a ___.

  • Sisters; Bond Between Sisters Necklace correct answer
  • Rivals; Single Fuzzy Faces Slipper
  • Baristas; Striped Paw Prints Socks Set
  • Hairdressers; Everfresh Pet Toothpaste Kit

Celebrate sisters & help shelter pets! Our handmade Bond Between Sisters Necklace is on sale & feeds 35 rescued animals. Necklaces showing 1 to 6 sisters available! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Sunday, November 25 2018

Freya is an English springer spaniel with a powerful nose that can sniff out this very dangerous disease, which is spread by mosquitoes.

  • Lymphoma
  • Rabies
  • Malariacorrect answer
  • Pancreatitis

Freya is remarkably fast at detecting malaria, & researchers are using her skills with the hope of saving lives. Watch her in action! Click for Video & More! →

Question for Saturday, November 24 2018

Zip up and stay warm & toasty this winter with your favorite ___. They come two great colors, & feed 71 shelter animals!

  • Excuse Me Squirrel Mug
  • Kitty Companion Handbag
  • Fat Cat Bell Ornament
  • Paw Print Hooded Fleece Jacketcorrect answer

Everyone has their favorite fleece, so grab your new Paw Print Hooded Fleece Jacket & show off the animal lover in you! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Friday, November 23 2018

Certain members of the Allium family, like ___, can damage red blood cells in dogs (and cats). Keep your pets safe this holiday season!

  • Yellow potatoes
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Onion & garliccorrect answer

Avoid Thanksgiving leftovers with onion & garlic. If you want to share some leftovers with your dog, learn what the safe options are! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Thursday, November 22 2018

Grab our ___ to add pops of color to your tree & show off your love for animals. Plus, each one feeds 35 shelter pets!

  • Elephant in the Garden Grande Mug
  • Made with Love Measuring Spoons
  • Paw Print Casual Pants
  • Paw Print Ornaments Gift Setcorrect answer

Our Paw Print Ornaments Gift Set looks lovely on your tree, or makes a great gift. It’s on sale & will arrive before the holidays! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Wednesday, November 21 2018

We want to GIVE THANKS to our amazing Freekibble Community – because of you, this fall we have _____  thousands of dogs & cats.

  • Rescued and saved
  • Fed and cared for
  • Flown to safety
  • All of these!correct answer

Because of YOU, we have rescued, flown to safety, fed, and cared for many 1,000s of animals in need this Fall - THANK YOU, you're making a difference! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Tuesday, November 20 2018

To help tell if your dog is a good weight, is to try to feel their ___ with your hands. If you can’t, then it might be time for a diet!

  • Ribscorrect answer
  • Belly button
  • Heartbeat
  • Tail

If you can't see or feel your dog's ribs, ask the vet about a getting your dog in shape this winter. We have some tips for you! Click for Video & More! →

Question for Monday, November 19 2018

When Amber brought Ariel home from the shelter, she had a hard time adjusting to her new surroundings. ___ helped them become friends!

  • A bath
  • Meeting the neighbors
  • Alone time
  • Daily walkscorrect answer

Amber & Ariel's daily walks turned into hikes, & the pair realized they were destined to be soulmates. See how happy Ariel is now! Click for Photos, Video & More! →

Question for Sunday, November 18 2018

This tri-colored breed is predominantly white, with black & tan markings. They’re competitive, often trained to track and tree!

  • Otterhound
  • Ibizan Hound
  • Treeing Walker Coonhoundcorrect answer
  • Afghan Hound

Treeing Walker Coonhounds come in different patterns of black, tan, & white. They're energetic & focused, but can be difficult to train!

Question for Saturday, November 17 2018

In Great Britain, common acronyms are often quite different than the ones we’re used to. For example, what are PAT dogs?

  • Search and rescue experts
  • Professional truffle hunters
  • Guide dogs you can pat
  • Volunteers helping seniors & childrencorrect answer

Pets As Therapy is a volunteer service; PAT dogs help people with health problems. They also help children build confidence in reading!

Question for Friday, November 16 2018

Your paws will stay warm with these ___, but so will your heart – they give 35 bowls of food & are perfect for the season!

  • Purple Paw Comfy Clog Slipperscorrect answer
  • Loving Paws Flannel Pajama Pants
  • Pawsitively Beautiful Tote Bag
  • Walking Paws Flip Flops

Our Purple Paw Comfy Clog Slippers come in 3 different colors, & have hand-painted buttons. They really show your love for rescue! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Thursday, November 15 2018

It’s important that brachycephalic dogs, meaning those with ____, ride with you on your flight so that you can safely monitor them!

  • Long tails
  • Shortened noses correct answer
  • Spinal issues
  • A cold

Check out all these short-nosed dogs & their friends, big and small, getting first-class treatment on the plane with their guardians! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Wednesday, November 14 2018

____ eggs look like short grains of rice, but other intestinal worms aren’t visible to the naked eye. Have your dog tested annually!

  • Tapeworms correct answer
  • Hookworms
  • Whipworms
  • Roundworms

Only tapeworm eggs are visible to the eye; your dog should have annual fecal tests at the vet. Here's what to expect from deworming! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Tuesday, November 13 2018

Rock salt is used regularly to melt winter ice, but it can be hazardous to your dog’s ___, causing blisters & sores!

  • Hearing
  • Heart
  • Coat
  • Pawscorrect answer

Look for a chlorine-free ice melter this winter to protect every pup's paws, including the HUGE paws on cute puppies like these! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Monday, November 12 2018

Most ___ on your senior pooch are likely benign, but if you notice a decrease in appetite & activity, they could be a sign of ___.

  • Toenails, dehydration
  • Fleas, excellent grooming
  • Lumps, cancercorrect answer
  • All of the above

Get in the habit of checking for lumps, & be on the lookout for these warning signs of cancer. If you see something, talk to your vet! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Sunday, November 11 2018

Here’s a big question: which undomesticated extant species of the Canidae family (including foxes, wolves, & wild dogs) is the largest?

  • Dire Wolf
  • Grey Wolfcorrect answer
  • Ethiopian Wolf
  • Red Wolf

Gray wolves are found along the Arctic Circle and are the largest of all living wild dog species. The biggest weighed in at 175 lbs!

Question for Saturday, November 10 2018

Which of these is a popular theory for how the boxer breed got its name?

  • The breed was used in China’s Boxer Rebellion
  • The dog’s paws resemble boxing gloves
  • They stand on their hind legs and "box" with front pawscorrect answer
  • German word for "loyal" was associated with the breed

One popular theory is that these dogs stand on their hind legs and bat at opponents like professional boxers. Do you believe it?

Question for Friday, November 9 2018

These ___ are the pawfect pair to go with your PJs! They’ll keep your “dogs” warm, & have paw-print traction to keep you from slipping.

  • Festival Pets Memory Foam Indoor Mats
  • Super Cozy™ Paw Print Fleece Slipper Bootiescorrect answer
  • Super Cozy™ Puzzles Galore Pocket Wraps
  • Catffeinated Cat Mugs

Grab a pair of cute Super Cozy™ Paw Print Fleece Slipper Booties while they're on sale. They feed 35 shelter pets, & make a perfect gift! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Thursday, November 8 2018

Known for alerting his men to incoming artillery and locating a German spy, Sgt. Stubby is the most decorated hero dog of which war?

  • World War Icorrect answer
  • Spanish-American War
  • World War II
  • Vietnam War

Sgt. Stubby earned several medals during World War I. He made it home safe from the war, and even met the president. What a heroic pup! Click for Photos, Story & More! →

Question for Wednesday, November 7 2018

Big News! Freekibble & GreaterGood have partnered to create pet inspired ____ that will warm your heart & light up your home!

  • Pajamas
  • Flashlights
  • Lamps
  • Candles correct answer

My Pet Candles come in amazing scents and whimsical images of pets. They make great gifts, and each candle feeds 20 shelter pets! Click to See Them All! →