Past Trivia

Question for Tuesday, December 10 2019

RescueBox members get monthly deliveries full of ___ for their pets, including stories about the shelter animals they’re helping!

  • Toys
  • Chewies
  • Treats
  • All of the abovecorrect answer

RescueBox members get boxes filled with all the stuff their pets like best. There's even a special offer going on! Click for Special Offer & More! →

Question for Monday, December 9 2019

When a neighbor fell and broke her hip, Simba, a pitbull, ___ and alerted his guardian. She had been there for two days waiting for help!

  • Licked her face
  • Helped her up
  • Heard her faint criescorrect answer
  • Jumped on the couch

Simba barked at the door where the neighbor lives and his guardian suddenly heard faint cries for help. See how his neighbor reacted! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Sunday, December 8 2019

Big impact, tiny cost! For just _____ a day, you can sign up for Kibble Plus & we’ll double your daily kibble donation AND donate a 10,000 piece bonus to homeless pets!

  • 75 cents
  • $1.25
  • 17 centscorrect answer
  • $2.00

For just 17 cents a day ($5 bucks a month) you can sign up for Kibble Plus... to feed & care for A LOT more shelter dogs & cats! Click for More! →

Question for Saturday, December 7 2019

A dog’s caudal bones are located in the ___, which also has the very important job of ___!

  • Chest, protecting the heart
  • Tail, communicating intentcorrect answer
  • Pleural cavity, transmitting oxygen
  • Carpus, releasing scents

The caudal bones are located in the tail, which is an extremely important tool to help a dog communicate intent!

Question for Friday, December 6 2019

In a survey conducted by Rover, the most popular dog names of 2019 are … ?

  • Daisy & Rover
  • Bella & Max correct answer
  • Kitty & Milo
  • Ginger & Henry

If you guessed Bella & Max, you were right! Did your dog's name make the top 5? And can you guess the top 10 cat names, too? Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Thursday, December 5 2019

A full-time job can make having a pet hard, so Nina Hale, a marketing firm in Minneapolis, is offering employees a benefit called ___!

  • Fur-sure home cleaning
  • Fur-ternity leavecorrect answer
  • Furball's doggie bag delivery
  • Fur-free dog walking service

Nina Hale's fur-ternity leave gives employees time to acclimate furry family members into their homes. Check out this fantastic perk! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Wednesday, December 4 2019

1,000s of veterans who bravely served our country are now homeless. Many have a beloved pet they rely on to get through the nights. We’re helping them by providing ______.

  • Letters of support
  • Care Packscorrect answer
  • Well wishes
  • Books

We're providing Care Packs to homeless veterans and their pets. Blankets, water bottles, treats, food bowl, toys, sox… a backpack full of care and comfort for both of them! Click to Help Vets Care for Their Pets! →

Question for Tuesday, December 3 2019

Thanks to YOUR donations, a bully named Lulu is recovering from a ___ that left her partially paralyzed and almost took her life.

  • Bad hair day
  • Broken toe
  • Back injury correct answer
  • Bad cough

On Giving Tuesday, help animals in dire need due to natural disasters, injury, & accident for as little as $5. Click for Lulu's must-see rescue video & more! Click for Photos, Video & More! →

Question for Monday, December 2 2019

Your ___ have shared your secrets, offered a helping hand, & given you unconditional love. Show how much they mean to you with a ___.

  • Rivals; Single Fuzzy Faces Slipper
  • Sisters; Bond Between Sisters Necklace correct answer
  • Baristas; Striped Paw Prints Socks Set
  • Hairdressers; Everfresh Pet Toothpaste Kit

Celebrate sisters & help shelter pets! Our handmade Bond Between Sisters Necklace is on sale & feeds 35 rescued animals. Necklace options with 1-5 sisters - they'll love it! Click for Photos & Special Offer! →

Question for Sunday, December 1 2019

According to the Humane Society, every year there are roughly ___ cases of pet poisonings reported in the United States.

  • 1,000
  • 10,000
  • 100,000correct answer
  • 10,000,000

Ingestion of chocolate, human medications, antifreeze, houseplants, & more cause about 100,000 poisonings each year. Keep your pet safe!

Question for Saturday, November 30 2019

Winter is here and shelter floors feel harder and colder than ever. A good meal and a warm, cozy ____ can make the difference between sad and happy for shelter pets.

  • Story
  • Blanketcorrect answer
  • Toy
  • Hair cut

Warm & cozy, feeling loved… It’s amazing what a blanket can do. Help us comfort shelter pets this winter - buy a cozy blanket, we’ll get it to them AND we’ll donate 50 bowls of food for each one! Click to Comfort a Homeless Pet! →

Question for Friday, November 29 2019

Ember the Pit bull came to the rescue of her human, Tre, after he began having a ___! He was rushed to the hospital for observation.

  • Seizure correct answer
  • Anxiety attack
  • Temper tantrum
  • Sandwich

After spending some time in the hospital, Tre is recovering well from his seizure. You'll never guess where Ember found him! Click for Photos, Video & More! →

Question for Thursday, November 28 2019

Grab our ___ to add pops of color to your tree & show off your love for animals. Plus, each one feeds 35 shelter pets!

  • Elephant in the Garden Grande Mug
  • Made with Love Measuring Spoons
  • Paw Print Casual Pants
  • Beaded Paw Ball Ornament correct answer

Our Beaded Paw Ball Ornaments look lovely on your tree, or they make a great gift. They’re on sale & will arrive for the holidays! Click for Photo & Special Offer! →

Question for Wednesday, November 27 2019

We want to GIVE THANKS to our amazing Freekibble Community – because of you, this fall we have _____  thousands of dogs & cats.

  • Rescued and saved
  • Flown to safety
  • Fed and cared for
  • All of these!correct answer

Because of YOU, we have rescued, flown to safety, fed and cared for thousands of animals in need this fall - THANK YOU, you're making a difference! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Tuesday, November 26 2019

Just like the incredible farm dog named Rip in one of James Herriot’s stories, Deuce is still happily running despite having lost ___!

  • His ability to balance
  • Two legs on the same sidecorrect answer
  • His sense of smell
  • Three happy homes

Deuce was found with two broken, infected legs on the same side of his body. He still loves to run, & has found an amazing forever home! Click for Photos & Sweet Story! →

Question for Monday, November 25 2019

During an adoption event, a family ___ their ___ dog! He jumped into their arms & began covering them with kisses!

  • Bathed; dirty
  • Walked; excited
  • Reunited with; missingcorrect answer
  • Adopted; senior

Dopey had been missing since August but was happily reunited with his family. You'll love this sweet reunion! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Sunday, November 24 2019

Protective and stylish, the terms “flocks” and “cords” both describe the ___ that certain dog breeds are known for.

  • Muscle groups
  • Pack behavior
  • Patterned spots
  • Dreadlockscorrect answer

Dreadlocks, which form naturally in some breeds like the Komondor and Puli, are described as cords and flocks!

Question for Saturday, November 23 2019

Dogs are always sweet, but they’re never quite as angelic as when they are fast asleep. How much sleep does an adult dog need each day?

  • 4-5 hours
  • 6-8 hours
  • 8-10 hours
  • 12-14 hourscorrect answer

Most break it into doggie naps, but adult dogs sleep 12-14 hours per day! Now that the days are shorter, it seems like more.

Question for Friday, November 22 2019

Martin plays ___ at his local shelter for abused & neglected dogs, understanding that ___ is an important form of therapy for them.

  • Crosswords; trivia
  • Doctor; acting
  • Violin; music correct answer
  • All of the above

Martin's violin playing makes a huge impact on these dogs. The classical music he plays helps relieve stress & anxiety for them. Click for Photos, Video & Sweet Story! →

Question for Thursday, November 21 2019

Aeida, a Staffordshire bull terrier, started wandering over to her neighbor’s house to help their ___ with bath time.

  • Koalas
  • Kangaroos
  • Kidscorrect answer
  • Kittens

Aeida loves the neighbor's kids so much she helps them each night with bath time. But there's another reason she goes over there! Click for Photos & Sweet Story! →

Question for Wednesday, November 20 2019

This incredibly unique puppy was born with a ___ on his forehead and is now being called a “unicorn” or a “narwhal”.

  • Third-eye
  • Tailcorrect answer
  • Heart
  • Dimple

A puppy was born with a defect shaped like a tail on his forehead. It's all skin, doesn't wag, and this puppy couldn't be cuter! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Tuesday, November 19 2019

Leny, a boisterous Golden Retriever, loves to ___ down his grass covered ___ any chance he can get. You’ll love these videos.

  • Leap; playground
  • Nap; mountain
  • Chomp; lawn
  • Slide; hillcorrect answer

Check out Leny slide down his favorite hill with exuberance, only to get right back up with a cheesy big smile & start all over again. Click for Photos, Videos & More! →

Question for Monday, November 18 2019

Much of the nation & Canada got hit with ___ last week, and when it came time for Billy to go outside she did a prompt u-turn.

  • Rain
  • Snowcorrect answer
  • Thunderstorms
  • Wind

Billy is like most people I know & hates snow, so when her tiny paws hit the white stuff she beelined back indoors! Click for Photos & Silly Video! →

Question for Sunday, November 17 2019

Want to donate 200 more pieces of kibble today? Sign up for our partner site, _____’s email reminder and we’ll donate 200 pieces to shelter pets!

  • Kibble Mania
  • Free Willy
  • Free the Oceancorrect answer
  • Lions, tigers and Bears

Our partner, Free the Ocean, removes plastic from the ocean when you answer their daily trivia. Today, we’re donating 200 pieces of kibble when you sign up for the FTO email! Click for More! →

Question for Saturday, November 16 2019

2018 was the Year of the Dog and movie makers didn’t want to disappoint! Which of these dog movies were released last year?

  • Isle of Dogs
  • Benji
  • Dog Days
  • All of the abovecorrect answer

Isle of Dogs, Benji, and Dog Days were all released in 2018 - the Year of the Dog!

Question for Friday, November 15 2019

When Gremlin, a senior Pit bull, began losing her sight her parents got her ___ for her eyes, which are normally reserved for humans!

  • Contact lensescorrect answer
  • Eye glasses
  • Eye drops
  • An eye patch

Even though contact lenses are normally for humans, Gremlin got her own pair. Her depression started to lift & she began to feel better. Click for Photos & Sweet Story! →

Question for Thursday, November 14 2019

Kitty, a Bernese Mountain Dog, lives at a hotel in Aspen, Colorado, & is getting his own personal ___ to help him with his daily tasks.

  • Fur Butlercorrect answer
  • Dog groomer
  • Puppy companion
  • Veterinary assistant

Kitty's Fur Butler will need to take him on daily walks, playdates, hotel tours & more! Do you know someone who's up for the job? Click for Cute Photo & More! →

Question for Wednesday, November 13 2019

After losing their dog to a spinal cord tumor, Chris & Mariesa started the Mr. Mo Project aimed to ___, in the name of their dog Moses.

  • Help find senior dogs homes
  • Cover medical bills
  • Create additional foster homes
  • All of the abovecorrect answer

The Mr. Mo Project has created a network of additional foster homes for seniors to get adopted, as well as help cover their medical expenses. Click for Photos & Sweet Story! →

Question for Tuesday, November 12 2019

Human-grade fish oil has a high concentration of ___ fatty acids, which are good for dry skin, allergies, & even arthritis!

  • Omega-16
  • Malus pumila
  • Omega-3correct answer
  • All of the above

Omega-3's aren't the only beneficial "extras" you can try adding to your dog's diet. Talk to your vet about these healthy options! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Monday, November 11 2019

Ricochet, a Golden Retriever, is the first ever canine-assisted ___ and therapy dog! She balances boards for wounded veterans & others!

  • Surfcorrect answer
  • Skateboard
  • Wheelchair
  • Construction

Ricochet assists wounded warriors with surfing, plus, she has a unique ability with providing therapy for military with PTSD. She's amazing! Click for Photos & Story! →

Question for Sunday, November 10 2019

Hound dog breeds typically excel in either scent tracking or sight and speed. Which of these adorable pups is NOT considered a hound?

  • correct answer

Beagles and Dachshunds are scent hounds. Afghan hounds are sight hounds. Pomeranians, though ridiculously cute, aren't hounds at all!

Question for Saturday, November 9 2019

Working dogs are energetic; they love to work and play! Which of these is NOT a working dog breed?

  • Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog
  • Black & tan safari dogcorrect answer
  • Berger Picard
  • Anatolian Shepherd Dog

The black & tan safari dog isn't a real breed, but the other three are all active, smart working dogs who love to play!

Question for Friday, November 8 2019

When a family in Australia stumbled upon a lost puppy they took it to the vet where they discovered it was really a ___.

  • Wolf
  • Cougar
  • Dingocorrect answer
  • Coyote

Wandi was discovered to be a purebred dingo pup, but dingoes are considered a "vulnerable" species so she's quite rare! Check her out. Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Thursday, November 7 2019

Our ___ is perfect for holding a hot morning beverage – each one has a unique design. Plus, they’re on sale & feed 35 shelter animals!

  • Elephant in the Garden Grande Mugcorrect answer
  • Pawsitively Welcome Sign
  • Ombre Infinity Scarf
  • Amethyst & Moonstone Bracelet

These adorable Elephant in the Garden Grande Mugs make perfect personal cups or gifts. Why not both? Hurry - they'll sell out fast! Click for Photos & Special Offer! →

Question for Wednesday, November 6 2019

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has dogs in need of ___. Requirements are strict, but you get a friend for life!

  • Training
  • Housebreaking
  • Adoption
  • All of the abovecorrect answer

Most of the dogs from the TSA are in need of training and housebreaking, but don't let that stop you from considering adoption! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Tuesday, November 5 2019

Feed More Dogs & Cats! For  _____ a day, you can sign up for Kibble Plus & we’ll double your daily kibble donation AND donate a 10,000 piece bonus to homeless pets!

  • 75 Cents
  • $1.25
  • 17 Centscorrect answer
  • $2.00

Feed More! For just 17 cents a day ($5 bucks a month) you can sign up for Kibble Plus... to Feed & Care for A LOT more shelter dogs & cats! Click for More! →