Past Trivia

Question for Friday, July 20 2018

“Time is getting short and I can’t stand to leave her here”, said the young ____ about the ____ he saved and wants to take home with him.

  • Hiker / Bear cub
  • Farmer / Baby goat
  • Soldier / Puppycorrect answer
  • Sailor / Dophin

A young soldier rescued a puppy while on patrol. They've become inseparable and the soldier wants to take his beloved companion & best friend home... and we're helping him do it! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Thursday, July 19 2018

These ___, with a wonderfully fun & decorative print, are simply pawfect for drying off your hands. Plus, they feed 35 shelter animals!

  • Excuse Me Squirrel Mugs
  • Paws & Hearts Socks
  • Festival Pet Bath Towelscorrect answer
  • Floral Paws Loungewear Set

Did you know our Festival Pet Bath Towels have both cat & dog versions? Get them now, while they're only $5 apiece! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Wednesday, July 18 2018

In a recent viral video, an officer pretends to collapse. Then his police dog, Poncho, literally jumps into action & “performs”…

  • First aid
  • CPRcorrect answer
  • An arrest
  • Kabuki

Poncho looks like he's performing CPR, but it's just a fun trick! Watch Poncho in action to see how his nose really helps the police. Click for Video & More! →

Question for Tuesday, July 17 2018

Ted started barking as soon as he sensed something wrong with the Colwell family’s barn, alerting them to a dangerous electrical ___!

  • Flood
  • Firecorrect answer
  • Outage
  • Eel

Thanks to Ted's early warning, the family called the fire department & saved the other barns from the fire. The neighbors helped, too! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Monday, July 16 2018

During our Freekibble Giveaway, you have a chance to get a ___ as well as a FREE ___. Don’t forget to enter!

  • Bowl of kibble; dog
  • Swimming pool; swimsuit
  • Shopping spree; giftcorrect answer
  • None of the above

We're giving away 6 shopping sprees, & everyone who enters gets a FREE Elephant Parade Infinity Scarf. Don't miss out! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Sunday, July 15 2018

Like cats, dogs have a special membrane called the tapetum lucidum that helps them ____.

  • Chase their tails
  • Land on their feet
  • See in the darkcorrect answer
  • Smell really well

Who needs night-vision goggles? Dogs have a tapetum lucidum, which helps their eyes use reflected light to see in low-light situations.

Question for Saturday, July 14 2018

Healthy puppies can be safely adopted into their new homes at ___, which is the perfect time for early socialization.

  • 1 week
  • 8 weekscorrect answer
  • 16 weeks
  • 16 months

Puppies (and kittens) can be adopted as early as 8 weeks of age. It's best to keep them with their moms & siblings before then!

Question for Friday, July 13 2018

Our ___ will remind your guests how excited your dogs are every time they come to visit, & helps keep your own “paws” mud-free!

  • Always by Your Side™ Watch
  • Cute Critters No Show Socks
  • Purple Paw Sweater Boots
  • Dog Wiggle Indoor/Outdoor Matcorrect answer

The Dog Wiggle Indoor/Outdoor Mat shows off some happy tails & can help keep your floors clean. Plus, it feeds 35 shelter animals! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Thursday, July 12 2018

We’ve all seen our dogs joyfully run around the yard or house at top speed for no apparent reason. They have a case of the…

  • Zollies
  • Zoomiescorrect answer
  • Zaggies
  • Soomies

When was the last time your dog caught a case of the zoomies? Check out these silly 18 pooches who've been clocked at top-speeds! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Wednesday, July 11 2018

Quincy, a golden retriever, has taken it upon himself to be the ___ delivery dog. He keeps his neighbors up to speed on current events!

  • Newspapercorrect answer
  • Pizza
  • Mail
  • UPS

Quincy has been the newspaper delivery dog for the past 11 years! The paper might be a tad chewed, but it’s on time. Click for Video & More! →

Question for Tuesday, July 10 2018

It’s so special when adopted dogs find their forever homes & start ___ with their new families! We all look at those pictures and smile.

  • Arguing
  • Exercising
  • Bondingcorrect answer
  • Boarding

These pictures prove that nothing is sweeter than freshly adopted pups bonding with their new families. They're absolutely irresistible! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Monday, July 9 2018

If you have dogs, chances are you’ve seen them put their paws out & wiggle their butts in the air. What are they trying to say?

  • Time for bed!
  • Back off!
  • I'm hungry!
  • Come play!correct answer

It's called a play bow! Dogs will often use it to invite you or a friendly Fido to play with them. (They can get pretty goofy, too!) Can You Guess These Other Behaviors? →

Question for Sunday, July 8 2018

Thanks to YOU, Freekibble’s impact in June was BIG. Which one of these things did we NOT do in June?

  • Donate over 30 Million pieces of kibble
  • Fly 100s of at-risk pets to safety
  • Rescue endangered penguinscorrect answer
  • Reunite soldiers with their dogs

Because of YOU, in June we donated over 30 million pieces of kibble, flew 100s of pets to safety, reunited soldiers with their dogs and more - thank you! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Saturday, July 7 2018

Standard poodles look very luxurious, and their intelligence means they learn new tricks easily, but they were originally bred to be…

  • Retrieverscorrect answer
  • Guide dogs
  • Circus performers
  • Search & rescue dogs

Standard poodles might be known as circus dogs, but they were first and foremost waterfowl dogs who did retrieval work.

Question for Friday, July 6 2018

Flash doesn’t like seeing his humans leave, so he flops over and ___ in front of their feet to try to get them to stay! What a silly beagle!

  • Jumps
  • Plays deadcorrect answer
  • Runs out the door
  • All of the above

When Flash's people are about to leave, he plays dead in front of the door to try to stop them. Have you seen anything like this? Click for Photos, Video & More! →

Question for Thursday, July 5 2018

Lakomi, found alone in the woods & suffering from neglect, needed time to ___. So did Sarah. They found it together at the wolf sanctuary.

  • Write her autobiography
  • Get a bath & manicure
  • Learn trust & heal from traumacorrect answer
  • Play football & soccer

Sarah was suffering from personal trauma, and Lakomi was found with a puppy harness embedded in her flesh. They found healing together. Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Wednesday, July 4 2018

Rex the cat ate rat poison, and would have died if the a greyhound named Alice hadn’t ___. With her help, the vet was able to save him!

  • Detected cancer
  • Alerted his mom
  • Donated bloodcorrect answer
  • Nursed him to health

Rex needed an immediate transfusion, and Alice's blood donation saved his life. Talk to your vet to see if your pet can save lives, too! Click for Photos, Video & More! →

Question for Tuesday, July 3 2018

Like many dogs abandoned in rural areas, Sugar was ___, and she had the additional stress of providing for a litter of puppies.

  • Geriatric
  • Overweight
  • Undernourished correct answer
  • Spoiled rotten

Sugar was undernourished, but somehow still providing for her pups. Luckily, this sweet flop-eared mom & her family were rescued! Click for Photo & More! →

Question for Monday, July 2 2018

During our Grand Old Giveaway, the grand prize winner gets a $500 shopping spree! Everyone who enters gets a FREE…

  • Gift of their choicecorrect answer
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Day at the beach
  • Picnic with friends

You can pick one of several FREE gifts when you enter our Grand Old Giveaway. Did we mention there are $750 in shopping sprees?! Click for Photos, Giveaway & More! →

Question for Sunday, July 1 2018

A flea can lay up to ___ eggs each and every day. They can fall off the host into furniture, carpets, and soil, and hatch later.

  • 5
  • 10
  • 25
  • 50correct answer

One flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day; that's 350 eggs per week! Eew! Your vet can recommend safe flea control during warm months.

Question for Saturday, June 30 2018

The variation of color and texture in the fur of our canine friends is amazing! A typical dog’s coat is made up of:

  • Guard hairs
  • Whiskers
  • Undercoat
  • All of the abovecorrect answer

Your dog's amazing coat probably has a soft, insulating undercoat, stiffer water-shedding guard hairs, & very touch-sensitive whiskers!

Question for Friday, June 29 2018

You’ll love this handy ___. It’s durable & waterproof — perfect for your summer adventures – and can even be folded like a pocketbook!

  • Paw Pet Dish Mat
  • Swirling Dragonflies Packable Backpack correct answer
  • Path to Pink™ Sport Sandals
  • Holiday Pet Socks

Our Swirling Dragonflies Packable Backpack feeds 35 shelter pets, & we'll give you FREE shipping. Don't miss out! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Thursday, June 28 2018

In Texas, more than 100 dogs and cats are waiting for their Flight to Freedom… including a Basset mix named Emmy Lou and her _____!

  • Sister
  • 9 puppiescorrect answer
  • Teddy bear
  • Ferret friend

Over 100 dogs and cats from overcrowded, high risk shelters in Texas, are waiting for their Flight to Freedom - including sweet Emmy Lou and her 9 puppies! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Wednesday, June 27 2018

Amelia’s hike took a bad turn when she fell into a rushing ___. Thankfully, Nanook was there to pull her to safety!

  • Rivercorrect answer
  • Snowbank
  • Grassfield
  • Hot air balloon

This isn't the first time Nanook has pulled someone from the river, either! Check out Alaska's own Lassie & his hero tales. Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Tuesday, June 26 2018

Young puppies should nap quite often during the day, and need about ___ hours of sleep in a 24-hour cycle. It’s good for their growth!

  • 2-3
  • 7-12
  • 15-20correct answer
  • 23-24

Puppies need 15-20 hours of sleep each day and nap often, so you might find them asleep in some peculiar places - just these cute pups! Click for Adorable Photos & More! →

Question for Monday, June 25 2018

A shelter dog with the saddest face wouldn’t let anyone near him & had little chance… until someone showed up and saw his ____ and changed his life.

  • Shiny coat
  • Floppy ears
  • Soulful eyescorrect answer
  • Bushy tail

Baloo never knew any love in his life. Until a woman showed up at the shelter, saw his deep soulful eyes and said, "Somebody needs to give you a chance". And she did! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Sunday, June 24 2018

This artificial sweetener is often found in toothpaste, gum, & sugar-free peanut butter. It can be toxic for dogs, even in small doses.

  • Sodium chloride
  • Aspartame
  • Stevia
  • Xylitolcorrect answer

Xylitol triggers a dog's pancreas to release insulin, causing blood sugar levels to drop rapidly. Lock foods containing it safely away!

Question for Saturday, June 23 2018

Archaeologists found the 14,000-year-old remains of a puppy & an older dog, both well cared for. This is the ___ dog grave to date!

  • Shallowest
  • Oldestcorrect answer
  • Deepest
  • All of the above

This is the oldest dog burial that researchers have studied, & they've determined that the humans cared very deeply for their dogs! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Friday, June 22 2018

Our ___ is made of hand-dyed, wrinkle-resistant fabric decorated with beads, sequins, & embroidery. It also feeds 71 shelter animals!

  • Pair of Festival Pets Flip Flops
  • Summer Nights Tunics Collection correct answer
  • Super Cozy Festival Pets Blanket
  • Festival Cats Apron

Pick out any TWO of your favorite Summer Nights Tunics because they're buy 1, get 1 FREE. They go perfect with jeans or leggings! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Thursday, June 21 2018

A Marine stationed in Afghanistan rescued an abandoned _____. He nicknamed him, _____, and they’ve formed an inseparable bond.

  • Squirrel / Peanut
  • Coyote / Wylie
  • Eagle / Patriot
  • Puppy / Potatocorrect answer

A soldier with a big heart, rescued a motherless puppy, too young to care for himself. Now the soldier wants to take "Potato" home... and we're helping him do it! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Wednesday, June 20 2018

When you give your dog a ___, always check it for splinters & make sure it’s not too small. Stay vigilant to keep your dog safe!

  • Bonecorrect answer
  • Bed
  • Puppy
  • Tug toy

If your dog can tolerate bones, then follow these simple rules to make sure they're safe while chewing this tasty treat! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Tuesday, June 19 2018

When she was attacked by a ____ near her home, Michelle Fowler called her dog for help. She lost her bag, but Cynder saved her life!

  • Cat
  • Salesman
  • Stray dog
  • Muggercorrect answer

Michelle rescued Cynder, & she really repaid the favor! The normally shy dog ran to her mom, barking to save her from a mugger's attack. Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Monday, June 18 2018

___ is the season of grilling, swimming, & long days. As a special THANK YOU, Freekibble has a little something special for everyone!

  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summercorrect answer
  • Fall

Enter our Spring Into Summer Giveaway for a chance to win a shopping spree, & grab your Purple Paw Flip Flops -- FREE! Click Here To Enter Giveaway! →

Question for Sunday, June 17 2018

Mimi Ausland, founder of Freekibble recently spent the day at the _____ Sanctuary where nearly 200 rescued ____ run free!

  • Squeak / Piglets
  • Duchess / Horsescorrect answer
  • Smelly / Skunks
  • Princess / Fairies

Mimi spent the day with big, beautiful horses rescued from abuse. They now gallop freely in the rolling hills of Duchess Sanctuary. Click for video of these amazing horses! →

Question for Saturday, June 16 2018

Boxers are a high-energy breed with a lot of love to share. They come in one of three coat colors: fawn, brindle, or ___.

  • Black
  • Chocolate
  • Grey
  • Whitecorrect answer

White boxers are genetically more susceptible to hearing & vision problems. Approximately 20-25% of this bright, loyal breed are white.

Question for Friday, June 15 2018

We’re kicking off summer with a _____ bowl donation to feed shelter pets across the country… to spread love and fill bellies!

  • 2,500
  • 25,000
  • 250,000correct answer
  • 250 Million

Freekibble and Halo are kicking off summer by giving up to 250,000 Bowls of Love! And YOU can help us donate ALL 250,000 bowls! Click for More! →