Animal Rescuer Finally Gets The Dog He Deserves

Many people have rescued dogs and some people will only go to a pound or an animal rescue to bring a dog into the family. It’s a personal choice, but it’s one that is admirable when a family makes it.

There are also other people who make it their life’s goal to care for animals and rescue them when at all possible. Such is the case of Lee Asher, who owns The Asher House.

Over the years, Lee has been responsible for rescuing dogs and giving them a home. He would care for these animals, find them a foster and even work to ensure that they were in a loving forever home.

Throughout all this time, however, Lee had cared for animals one after the other, but he never had a dog of his own. In fact, nobody ever thought to give him a dog, because he had so many in his life.

It was when a close friend saw a need and finally gave him a newfoundland that he realized what he was missing. Newfoundlands have always been special to Lee Asher, but he never had the opportunity to rescue one.

He shared on YouTube that when the friend saw the need, he found a young Newfoundland that needed rescuing and gave him as a gift to Lee.

This wasn’t something that was even on Lee Asher’s radar. He said it was the craziest thing anyone had ever done for him but at the same time, was the coolest thing ever done for him as well.

It was the right move because Lee said he cannot describe the shock and joy he felt at that moment. He now feels complete, now that he has Goose in his life.