Big Cats LOVE Catnip Too!

Domestic cats aren’t the only ones who go crazy for catnip. Big cats do too! No kitten! At Big Cat Rescue in Florida, some beautiful rescue cats are given paper bags filled with catnip and their responses are absolutely PURRFECT!!! Aren’t these cats beautiful?

As you can see from the video below, tigers and lions do love catnip.

Cole and Marmalade’s human had a great time paying these big cats a visit. In many ways, the cats we know and love and big cats, are a lot alike.


If you enjoyed this video, then you will LOVE this one too! The Cat House On The Kings is California’s largest no kill, no cage sanctuary where the cats and kittens are provided for, for life. Cats can stay there indefinitely or be adopted out. It’s an incredible place where cats can be cats. They have free roam of the property, safely of course, and they can interact with one another (or avoid one another LOL). Cole and Marmalade’s human takes on a tour. Wow, this guy goes to some great places. Click here to take a tour, too!

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