Help a Soldier Take Her Sweet Pup Home!!

Tali with his soldier mom (very happy together!)

While on a mission in Syria, Christina, a kind-hearted soldier came across a young puppy… he was skinny, dirty and scared. Christina decided right then, that she would rescue and care for the pup. She named him Tali, they immediately bonded and are now inseparable companions.

Christina is going home to Virginia soon and desperately wants to take her beloved Tali with her.

Sweet Tali

Tali’s soldier mom Christina, is training him to become a PTSD therapy dog to help veterans. In her words, “He has become a member of my family and my very best friend. I can’t imagine not having him home with me where he belongs.

But it costs a lot… please consider helping keep them together!

With your help, soldiers can save the puppies that saved them.

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