Rescue Stories That Leave Us Feeling Thankful!

Two Unlikely Cats

“Oliver was a sad pitiful kitten sitting in a cage at a pound in Mississippi. He was born with all his legs deformed, eye & upper respiratory infections, and was unable to meow. TwoCatsI took him home so that he didn’t have to die alone in the shelter. My vet did not have experience with handicapped cats. Oliver was not expected to live to see his first birthday. This year, February 7, 2016, Oliver turned 7 years old! He had water aerobics to help his legs and has survived two strokes (he was 4 & 5). After Oliver’s first stroke I decided to get him a friend so he had company and would maybe be more active. I was put on a list with the local humane society (in Tucson, AZ) to adopt a handicapped cat. I was called about a cat that was turned in as a stray and did not have front legs. Of course it was a perfect fit and Oliver and Joey love each other! Oliver is now 7 years old and Joey is going on 4 years old.” – Cortney Adams, Tucson, AZ.

Despite this poor cat’s grim outlook, they were going to do what they could to keep him active and mobile — including saving another life in the process. And now they’ve got two healthy happy kitties! THIS is what rescue stories are all about.

A Tale of Two Homes

Miss Sugar is 16 years young. She’s a big diva and much loved. When she was a wee kitten she was thrown over a fence at a bowling club and abandoned. She was adopted by the elderly man who found her and his wife. They loved her dearly. Sadly the man passed away 8 years ago and not long after his wife went into a nursing home. MissSugarHer biggest worry was who was going to look after her angel. We told her not to worry and took in their beloved girl. At first Miss Sugar was very frightened and spent the first 2 weeks hiding under the lounge, hissing if we came near. Not long after that we gained her trust and she became a total love bunny. We visited Miss Sugars elderly first mother in the nursing home, taking photos and keeping her updated. Sadly she had dementia and eventually forgot Miss Sugar and passed away 7 years ago. These last 8 years we’ve been blessed with a lovely wonderful furry companion. I like to think that we’ve honoured the memory of her first caretakers by providing her with a loving home but she has also blessed us by being a beautiful and wonderful companion.” – Sammi, Adelaide, Australia.

This amazing family took in Miss Sugar, who was clearly confused and stressed about the sudden change in her life. But with plenty of time, patience, and love, she was able acclimate to her new home and be a living tribute to the family that took her in as a kitten. This kind of selfless compassion is what gives me joy in life.

Rescued Abandoned Kittens

“I recently found three abandoned kittens that were left for dead overnight under a utility construction truck in a cold wet box without food and kitten formula.RescueKittens I took in all three kittens with the help of family and they are growing stronger each day. These kittens not only captured my attention with their cries in unison for help, but they captured my heart in the process and changed my life for the better! Please share my story to bring awareness to helping abandoned pets and animals. We need more people in the world to help take in abandoned animals.” – Anonymous, Ft. Myers, FL.

Dumped on the side of the road, these tiny kittens cried together looking for anyone to help save them. “We need more people in the worlds to help take in abandoned animals”! I don’t think I could have said it better myself.

It’s amazing to see people taking such great strides in saving the lives of homeless animals. Even though not everyone can rescue an animal, anyone CAN help in the lives of animals in need! Purchases made through The Animal Rescue Site, helps support animals like this by funding bowls of food with each purchase made, and playing the daily trivia at Freekibble means that you’re helping contribute to the 17 million meals that’s been been fed to hungry cats and dogs! Thank you to everyone for your support!

Do you have an heartwarming tale of how your cat or dog came into your life? Share your rescue story with us here!