Clever Border Collie Loves To Play Fetch, So She Tricks Passersby Into Playing It With Her

This Border Collie, named Sue, is one smart pup. She loves fetch so much, that she tricks random passersby into playing fetch with her. She lies on the grass by the fence, and when she sees someone walking by or riding their bike by, she gets up and throws her ball over the fence, hoping the people will get it for her.

Sue’s plan always works, and they stop to throw the ball back to her. Her human says sometimes even cars stop to throw the ball back to her. She gets upset when it’s raining because she knows she can’t go outside to play fetch. But as soon as it’s sunny, she’s right back outside waiting for more people to play fetch with.

How can anyone ignore that adorable face! I would definitely stop to throw the ball back to her. Would you? Watch her cute antics in the video below:

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