Rescued Horses Running Free at the Duchess Sanctuary!

I’m Mimi Ausland from and GreaterGood. I recently spent the day at Duchess Sanctuary – where nearly 200 formerly abused and abandoned horses now live out their days exploring the 1,120 acre sanctuary that I can best describe as an oasis.[media height="270" width="480" provider="youtube" type="iframe" src=""]
CLICK HERE if you want to help Duchess Sanctuary save & care for these amazing horses!

Most of the mares were rescued from the PMU, or pregnant mare urine, industry. These mares used to spend their days standing in narrow, uncomfortable stalls, for months at a time while their urine was collected to make hormone replacement drugs for women.

Pearl with her daughter, Grace.

Pearl with her daughter, Grace.

It was hard to picture the horses at Duchess ever being treated in this inhumane way, as we watched them gallop across rolling hills and graze the green pastures.

Freekibble and GreaterGood are proud to support the Duchess Sanctuary. We’re grateful for all the people who care for and save these majestic horses.


Special thanks to Josh Rose for filming the video