Flight to Freedom – The Journey

All the dogs seen here were saved from overcrowded shelters in Texas. Thanks to the support of the Freekibble community, they were flown to the Northwest where they were immediately adopted into loving families. Photographer Josh Rose was there to capture the emotional process from start to finish!

These dogs would not have survived otherwise.

Anticipation… the night before the flight!

Kisses of gratitude…

Sensing something exciting is about to happen!

One last hug before the big journey…

Flight Day! At the airport… their journey begins.

Preparing to load.

One last goodbye…

On the ramp to Freedom!

Landed In Seattle

First to arrive!

Time to get sorted…

Arriving at the shelter… a new life begins!

In good hands.

Thank you for supporting Freekibble Flights to Freedom. These flights & helping homeless animals happen because of you! Click here if you’d like to support our next Flight to Freedom!

Special thanks to Josh Rose for his amazing photographs!