and Fresh Step Team Up to Donate Much-Needed Cat Litter

The first donation of Fresh Step litter (3,000 lbs) was delivered to the Humane Society of Central Oregon. Waiting for the delivery was Lynne Ouchida, the Outreach Coordinator, some of the wonderful staff and a handful of excited kittens. “When the delivery truck arrived with Fresh Step Cat litter, HSCO felt like Santa Claus brought the number one wish list item for our animals. For the first time, cat litter is no longer on our ‘wish list.”, said Lynne.

news1214Not only does the litter help fill an important need at shelters and save money that can be spent on other important programs, it also helps adopt more cats. Lynne explains, “Having a premium cat litter to reduce odors is critical because it creates a pleasant environment for potential adopters to interact with the cats. With Fresh Step there is no offensive odor when we open the kennel doors. Making a good first impression is key in the adoption process.”

A BIG thanks to all of you who visit for making this all possible. Please spread the word!


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