Donations of High Quality Food + Loving Care is Life Saving!

Thanks to YOU, our amazing Freekibble community and our partners Halo Pets and, we’ve donated over 20 million nutritious meals to care for 100s of 1,000s of rescue and shelter pets across the country. And it’s not just the number of meals that is important, but the high quality of food…which is life-saving!

Here are two of the many, many stories of pets you’ve helped save:

Mercy: A young Pit Bull found tied to the front porch of an abandoned house in brutally cold Montana conditions. When rescued by Rimrock Humane Society, she was severely malnourished and frost bitten. The fact that she was still alive is a miracle.

Mercy, before and after.

After a few weeks of loving care and a diet of Halo food (donated by Freekibble), Mercy had blossomed into a beautiful, healthy girl – and was adopted by a family that loves her to pieces!

Starlyte: Turned into the McComb Animal Shelter in Mississippi with 5 nursing kittens. Malnourished and extremely underweight, she wanted to be a good mother (she even took in other orphaned kittens) but her bad health made it difficult.

Starlyte may not look happy, but really she is… really.

Initially Starlyte wouldn’t eat… until the caring staff at the shelter fed her Halo cat food (with Halo Salmon & Turkey treats on top :)) donated by Freekibble. She quickly put on weight, regained her health and energy and went on to raise all her babies – 5 healthy kittens that have now been adopted!

With your support, we’ll continue to help feed and care for homeless pets… it’s life-changing. Thank You!