Freekibble and Our Sponsor Halo, Are Donating 5 X’s the Kibble Today – All Going to Care for Pets Impacted by the Hurricane

Every piece of Halo kibble raised today, for both dogs and cats, will be donated to shelters in Texas caring for pets impacted by Hurricane Harvey and the devastating floods. That’s 5 X’s the daily kibble donation with each trivia play!

YOU have generously supported Freekibble Flights to Freedom – which has flown 100s of pets from overcrowded shelters in Texas to make room for animals displaced by the storms… now with HALO”s help, we’re going to feed them!
Beautiful puppy (below) –  safe from the flooding and ready for love… and food!
Through our partnership with the GreaterGood, we’re also donating Halo food to shelters across the country who are taking in animals from overcrowded shelters in Texas, to make room for pets lost or displaced by the storm… like this girl below who just arrived and is having her first meal at the Humane Society of Central Oregon.
A big heart felt thank you for helping us donate so much nutritious Halo food & please share our Freekibble trivia with your friends so we can feed as many homeless animals as possible.
Lil BUB loves Halo food!

We’re proud to say that Halo, our amazing sponsor, donates 10x’s more food than the average pet food company.

The food donated to these shelters is not your ordinary kibble, it’s Halo pet food, known for its premium quality and Proven Superior Digestibility. Halo’s HOLISTIC. WHOLE. HUMANE. diets use only WHOLE meats that are highly digestible and important to a pet’s health. By giving dogs and cats the meat nature intended – WHOLE meat is more digestible, more bioavailable, and more delicious. Testimonials from shelter donations have stated the pets in their care have become more adoptable, happier and healthier because of a “much healthier digestive system” and “better digestion” after feeding them Halo.