Redditors Gushed Over a Happy Donkey Receiving Hugs from a Friend

Receiving affectionate gestures is often overlooked by people but is well-appreciated by animals. They’ll remind you that the simplest things can induce happiness — even if it’s a short hug, more so a tight embrace. Their reaction to cuddles, kisses, and pets will make you realize how it beautifully affects your loved ones. Do not forget to hug your friends and family because you’ll never know if they need one. It may seem like a small effort, but the happiness from that contact is indescribable. Apart from that, relationships become closer, and bonds improve by sharing a hug. It’s as if all walls crumbled down, and there’s nothing left but joy in the presence of a loved one.

Photo: Reddit/Zx2_

A perfect example of happiness brought by a hug is a donkey from a Reddit post. Zx2_ shared the video with the caption, “here’s a happy donkey.” And it was so evident in his face — the donkey was happy and content in the embrace of his human friend. Aside from the embrace, he really loved the behind-the-ear scratches and the small kisses he got. Throughout the clip, the donkey’s eyes were closed out of contentment — wearing a contagious smile that you’ll want to see over and over again. Redditors couldn’t help but gush over the short clip. The comment section was filled with adoration with people expressing how they wanted a donkey for themselves.

here’s a happy donkey 😋
by u/Zx2_ in aww

MisterGuyIncognito commented, “I grew up around horses but not donkeys. I was shocked when I recently I noticed how cute donkeys are. I’m 45.” Indeed, they are lovely animals, and one of the reasons why being an animal lover makes a lot of people happy. Watching the 19-second clip will leave you smiling and feeling warm. The background music even made the Reddit post more uplifting. Although you aren’t the one enveloped in a tight embrace, you’ll feel your body release high levels of oxytocin. You can also share the Reddit post with your loved ones. They might need a reason to smile even when the day isn’t going their way.