2017 – A Year of BIG Impact!

We are humbled and immensely grateful to the Freekibble Community. Because of your support through playing trivia, Freekibble Cares, Flights to Freedom, Kibble Plus memberships… we helped so many animals in need in so many different ways. From young to old, small to large and sick to healthy, YOU helped us feed, care for and rescue 10s of 1000s of dogs and cats in 2017.

We have now:

• Fed over 20 MILLION nutritious meals
• Donated over 5 MILLION scoops of litter
• Vaccinated over 110,000 shelter pets
• Flew over 3,500 pets to safety
• Rescued and cared for 1,000s of pets impacted by disasters
• Saved countless lives through life-saving medical treatments

The following images represent just a handful of the many, many pets across the country you helped us feed and care for in 2017:

Darling and Baby, Humane Society of Central Oregon

Precious cats and kittens, Cat House on The Kings, California

Coco, Cashew and Pepper, SPCA of Westchester, NY

Keegan, Bartleby and Fluff, Arizona Animal Welfare League, Arizona

Hiding cat, St. Huberts Animal Welfare, New Jersey

Mercy, Before and After, Rimrock Humane Society, Montana

Lord Ruppert Everton, Austin Pets Alive! Texas

Shasta, Dachshund Rescue of Los Angeles, California

Peanut, Blind Cat Sanctuary, North Carolina

Susie, Wimberley Adoption Group, Texas

Happy Husky, Husky Rescue, Texas

Disco, Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, Maryland

Oakley, Humane Society of McCormick County, South Carolina

Persia, Operation Kindness, Texas

Freekibble Cares:
The following 3 pets represent the many you helped save by supporting Freekibble Cares. Lucy, Lt. Dan and Stella all received life-saving surgeries because of YOU. And all are happy, healthy with new families now!

Freekibble Flights to Freedom:
Your support of the Freekibble Flights to Freedom program was AMAZING. In 2017, you helped us fly over 3,500 pets from overcrowded shelters in the south where they were at high risk of surviving, to shelters where they were immediately adopted. Additionally, we flew many 100s impacted by the massive storms to safety.

Below are some of our favorite Flights to Freedom images: Bellanca, Bella, Precious, Ashley and Wynonna with their pilots 🙂

Saving lives and growing families is what the Freekibble Flights to Freedom program is all about. The image below tells the story best… Mandy on her Flight to Freedom and then two days later with her new family!

Disaster Relief:
Flying pets to safety – when the massive storms hit, your help allowed us to fly 100s of dogs and cats from harms way:

A HUGE heartfelt thank you for all your support in 2017 – it made a difference for so many. With your help, we’ll do even more in 2018!!