QUIZ: Prove Your Feline Friendship By Busting These Commonly Misinterpreted Cat Facts

When it comes to cat tales, humans have no lack of imagination.

The only problem is, some misconceptions are just too far-fetched to make healthy sense.

There are more stories and myths surrounding the nature of our feline friends than there are breeds themselves. From providing faithful familiarity to witches, to coming back the very next day after being surely thought a goner, cat myths purr-vade our society with some misinformed opinion of how cats should actually be treated and cared for.

It’s one thing to pretend your bright orange bengal is the living embodiment of Shere Khan, but lest you get careless as a cat parent, or make inadequate meal decisions, there are a number of reasons to keep your cat fancy firmly planted in reality.

Can you can separate cat fact from feline fiction? Take our quiz and find out. Share it with your friends and see how they compare!