QUIZ: Fit For A Human But Deadly To A Dog — Do You Know Which Of These Are Pet Friendly?

We all know how important it is to keep pets away from toxic chemicals and choking hazards — but were you aware of how many plants pose a problem for pets year round?

Certain fruits, vegetables, and other plant matter can cause serious health issues for cats and dogs. Symptoms range in severity from upset stomachs to kidney failure, so it’s of utmost importance that animal owners understand and acknowledge the dangers that lurk in our everyday edibles.

There’s more to be wary of than just chocolate and too much kibble.

If you drop a chunk of sweet potato on the floor and Fido lunges for it, do you need to leap into action before he gobbles it down, or can you just let him have it?

If you’re unsure, you probably need a little refresher. It’s better to be prepared for emergencies before they occur.

Take our quiz and test your knowledge!