QUIZ: Howled Lang Syne – Which Pet-Friendly New Year’s Resolution Should You Make This Year?

With every new year we see the promise of a fresh start, and the obligation of resolving to be better in some way.

Is there some area in your life you feel needs some work?

A resolution is often the first step towards improvement. While overwhelming ourselves with too many is often counterproductive, it doesn’t hurt to prioritize your goals.

A resolution can be as big or as small as aspirations allow, from solving world hunger to solving algebra homework. There’s no limit to how many or how few you set, either.

Before you sit down to make a list of goals, why not start with one small idea and work off that? The friendly and encouraging pets in this quiz pose some questions that may help you determine what direction to go in 2017!

Take our test to see where you might find help with improvement.

(And good luck with your resolutions!)