QUIZ: See If Your Cat Possesses This Skill

It’s no secret that cats have a reputation for “having a mind of their own.” Which doesn’t make much sense, if you think about it, because duh, of course they have a personality of their own — don’t all pets? That’s neither here nor there…

What many folks mean when they say cats have a mind of their own is that, historically, cats have proven to be adept at the art of being crafty. They’re clever. Nimble. Persuasive. And driven to solve their own problems.

But can history speak for every cat out there? No way. Every cat is different — not every cat is a problem solver, and hey, that’s more than okay with us. The fun quiz you’ll find below is meant to be just that: a fun way to test the problem solving ability of your cat. That said, you’re a responsible and attentive cat guardian, and we trust that you know your cat way better than we ever will. So, even if you don’t get the result you think you and your cat deserve, don’t sweat it!

Just have a good time! And be sure to share your result with all of your friends!