If Only Every Dogsitter Made A Video Like This! It’d Be Hard To Come Back Home!

No one wants to leave their dog at home when they vacation. Do you board them? Do you have someone stay at your place with them? Have them go to a friend’s house? It’s never an easy call, and no matter what you do, you’re going to have the nervousness any parent would have.

Of course, you’re going to check in constantly, and you’re going to want to know that your pup had a good time. When Skylar’s parents when on vacation, they left her with their friend James. Instead of simply texting pictures and simple updates, he decided to make a video to show just how much fun he and Skylar had.

James started filming the moment he came over to play with Skylar, and he didn’t stop production until the day her real pet parents came back home, and she had to leave James’s house. The result is incredible and will make anyone want to run home to play with their dog.

There is no doubt Skylar’s parents are going to feel great about leaving her with James, although they may need to worry she’ll never want to come home!

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