Talented Artist Reimagines Pets As The Cutest Quirky Masterpieces

As the tattoo industry is on the rise, so are the number of tattoo artists. Some are skillfully separating themselves from the pack.

And what better way to do so than to come up with an adorable, whimsical way to showcase people’s beloved pets? Jira, a South Korean tattooist, has made it his mission to give his pieces as much creativity as possible. His goal: Making his clients love their art for life. And it’s apparent to many, like Jira, people LOVE their pets so much that this is what they will appreciate looking at for years to come!

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Jira takes his clients’ pet photos and turns them into a cartoon version that makes it impossible to look at and not smile. Seriously.

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His style, both quirky and cute, features bold lines and a pleasing color palette. While some tattoos are pretty simple, others are more outrageous. Like dogs riding on a giraffe or a cat riding a skateboard.

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People are flocking to Jira for good reason. His art isn’t just adorable and fun. The quality is on point!

Are you a fan of tattoos? Would you consider getting one like this for your pet? Sign me up!