Past Trivia

Question for Tuesday, October 16 2018

Lil Bub, famous for her unique appearance and charming purrsonality, wholeheartedly endorses ___ as awesome yet inexpensive playthings!

  • Braided tug toys
  • Robotic treat puzzles
  • Handle-free paper bagscorrect answer
  • Chanel tennis balls

Handle-free paper bags are the best! They're sneaky hiding places, crinkly to pounce on, & perfect for cats like Lil Bub to play with. Click for Funny Video & More! →

Question for Monday, October 15 2018

During our Freekibble Giveaway, in which you could win a $200 shopping spree, it’s super-important to remember that cats are…

  • Always angry
  • Toxic to humans
  • Just little dogs
  • Purrfect!correct answer

We're giving away a $200 shopping spree, plus everyone can get a fabulous FREE car charm that reminds us that cats are simply purrfect! Click for Photo & To Enter! →

Question for Sunday, October 14 2018

Cats take an active interest in human food, but our tastes do differ a bit from theirs. What can we taste that our feline friends can’t?

  • Bitter
  • Umami
  • Sweetcorrect answer
  • Tuna

Our cats can't taste sweetness. Being cats, they may eat sweet foods anyway for other taste sensations... or simply because they can!

Question for Saturday, October 13 2018

Take a good look at the cats below. Which one is happy to be petted right now?

  • correct answer

Wait for frightened, surprised, or angry cats to calm down, but a cat gazing confidently at you with his tail up is purrfect for petting!

Question for Friday, October 12 2018

Shelters often lack the time, space, or staff needed to socialize & adopt out feral cats. But one rescue built a ___ & brought in a ___!

  • Barn, therapy horse
  • Garden, cat whisperercorrect answer
  • Lego house, pillow
  • Couch, certified therapist

With patience & kindness, even adult feral cats can be adopted! This shelter made them a special garden and sends a cat whisperer in. Click for Photo & Full Story! →

Question for Thursday, October 11 2018

In REM sleep, you may notice your cat ___ and ___. This is purrfectly natural, and quite adorable – no need to wake them!

  • Snoring, drooling
  • Eating, growling
  • Dreaming, twitchingcorrect answer
  • Stretching, purring

REM sleep is a deep sleep phase in which cats dream & even twitch in response to dream stimuli. This just makes sleepy cats even cuter! Click for Photo & More! →

Question for Wednesday, October 10 2018

A cat-sitting ___ decided to give his furry friends something fun to do, & built them a cardboard ___. Naturally, the photos went viral!

  • Veteran, tankcorrect answer
  • Veterinarian, dog
  • Voltage tester, multimeter
  • Voice pathologist, microphone

Cat-sitter and veteran Justin Huegel didn't want his furry charges to get bored, so he built them a tank. Good thing it was cardboard! Click for Viral Photo & More! →

Question for Tuesday, October 9 2018

Cats have a deep appreciation for ___, and many will go to extremes to get it. They also have a great memory, & will be back for more!

  • Hackey sacks
  • Old movies
  • Canned pimentos
  • Running watercorrect answer

Running water is a favorite for cats, and they remember where they last found it! These ridiculous thirsty felines will make you giggle. Click for Funny Photos & More! →

Question for Monday, October 8 2018

Cats have a reputation for being finicky eaters, but sometimes a diet change is in order. When you change kitty’s food, try to do it…

  • Quickly
  • Willfully
  • Gradually correct answer
  • Monthly

Changing your cats' food gradually gives them time to accept the new food, and avoids tummy upsets caused by sudden change. Click for Photo & More Expert Tips! →

Question for Sunday, October 7 2018

Cats have difficulty seeing certain colors, like red. But they also see colors invisible to us, including…

  • Crimson
  • Ultraviolet correct answer
  • Red-Green
  • Sunlight

We've long known that cats can't see all the colors we can, but the opposite is also true: studies show that cats can see ultraviolet!

Question for Saturday, October 6 2018

Litter boxes have come a long way since we started keeping our kitties indoors! These days, you can expect to find…

  • Self-cleaning robotic boxes
  • Boxes that double as furniture
  • Boxes with built-in stairs
  • All of the abovecorrect answer

Litter boxes have really changed. There's one for every lifestyle, from robotic self-cleaners to furniture lookalikes & built-in stairs!

Question for Friday, October 5 2018

When a litter of kittens was found in New Jersey in freezing weather, ___ was right there caring for them. Shelter staff were surprised!

  • Their mother
  • A mama raccoon
  • An English sheepdog
  • A male catcorrect answer

The kittens were with what seemed to be their loving mother; all very predictable until staff realized "she" was really a male cat! Click for Photo & Inspiring Story! →

Question for Thursday, October 4 2018

Kitty paws are so furry and warm – shouldn’t yours be, too? With these ___, you can have it all – warmth, style, & finger agility!

  • Pet Lovers Hanging Solar Light
  • Kitten Mittens Felt Catnip Toy
  • Alpaca Fingerless Mittenscorrect answer
  • Cat Face Pajama Shorts Set

Our soft Alpaca Fingerless Mittens will keep your hands purrfectly warm and your fingers free. They're on sale, & feed 35 shelter pets! Click for Photo & More! →

Question for Wednesday, October 3 2018

Although cats with cerebellar hypoplasia face great challenges in controlling their bodies, the condition is not ___.

  • Neurological
  • Degenerativecorrect answer
  • Symptomatic
  • Detectable

Despite lots of physical symptoms, cerebellar hypoplasia isn't degenerative. It can even get a bit better in time, as it did for Jasper! Click for Photo & More! →

Question for Tuesday, October 2 2018

Natural disasters like Hurricane Florence are terrifying not only for the humans in their path, but the pets, who are in danger of being…

  • Frightened
  • Lost
  • Abandoned
  • All of the abovecorrect answer

In major disasters, pets can be frightened, lost, or abandoned in the face of imminent danger. The lucky ones meet rescuers like these. Click for Photo & More! →

Question for Monday, October 1 2018

Ozzy is a sweet rescued tabby from West Michigan. The family that adopted him didn’t expect his adorable obsession with ___ to go viral!

  • Peachescorrect answer
  • Cream
  • Cobbler
  • Newspaper

Ozzy's funny photos on Twitter were an instant hit. It seems nobody can resist a cat who has a lifelong obsession with fuzzy peaches! Click for Viral Photos & More! →

Question for Sunday, September 30 2018

What is the difference between the popular plant known as catnip (Nepeta cataria) and catmint?

  • Catnip is one kind of catmintcorrect answer
  • Catmint is one kind of catnip
  • Catnip isn't part of the mint family
  • Catmint has a flower with 8 petals

Catmint is a group of mints that may or may not attract your cat. Catnip is one kind of catmint, but there are many other varieties!

Question for Saturday, September 29 2018

Due to a hereditary form of partial albinism, many cats have a coat pattern known as points. Which of these cats does NOT have points?

  • correct answer

Cool fact: body temperature also affects how points develop! But tuxedo cats like this cutie develop differently; they don't have points.

Question for Friday, September 28 2018

It might surprise you to know that, contrary to popular myth, cats are very ___.

  • Lazy
  • Irritable
  • Unlucky
  • Trainablecorrect answer

With the right incentives and a little research on your part, cats are purrfectly trainable. Here are some good reasons to try it! Click for Photo & More Info! →

Question for Thursday, September 27 2018

Several old myths surround cats & ___, but with boundaries and proper supervision, they make an adorable pair!

  • Puppies
  • Babiescorrect answer
  • Chinchillas
  • Reptiles

Don't fall for the debunked "cats steal babies' breath" nonsense. Cats & babies can be friends, and we have some pictures to prove it! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Wednesday, September 26 2018

75-year old Terry Lauerman volunteers for a local cat rescue & likes to brush all the kitties. He ___ on the job, but the cats love it!

  • Falls asleepcorrect answer
  • Loses the brush
  • Drinks coffee
  • Vacuums the floor

The staff often catches Terry falling asleep during his shift, but the cats cuddle right up to him for their nap time too! How cute is this? Click for Photos, Video & More! →

Question for Tuesday, September 25 2018

Pouncing, swatting, nudging, mock-fighting, and zoomies are all common expressions of ___ that help cats develop physical coordination.

  • Sleep
  • Rage
  • Playcorrect answer
  • Exasperation

Regular play helps kitty develop physical coordination and form social bonds. It's also good for us; these kitties will make your day! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Monday, September 24 2018

This is one of the most calming & stress-relieving sounds you can hear. Now someone’s made it possible for you to hear it 24/7!

  • Purringcorrect answer
  • Scratching
  • Sniffing
  • Howling

Don't have a cat? No problem: the "Purrli" website gives you the purr-me-up you need. Check out the furry feline behind it all! Click for Photos, Video & More! →

Question for Sunday, September 23 2018

In their continued mission to help shelter cats find a forever home, Fresh Step partnered with a famous _____ to show their love of cats!

  • Singer
  • Muralistcorrect answer
  • Performance artist
  • Chef

Fresh Step partnered with the famous LoveWall muralist, James Goldcrown, who created a big, fun & amazing mural to show their love of cats! Click for fun video! →

Question for Saturday, September 22 2018

Feeling like your kitty is leaving extra fur on your furniture? You can be sure that this is not the reason for the extra shedding:

  • Warm weather
  • Diet changes
  • Being lazycorrect answer
  • Getting rid of dead skin cells

Being lazy doesn't affect whether a cat sheds - but warm weather, dead skin, and diet changes all do!

Question for Friday, September 21 2018

Our ___ is so soft, it’s no wonder that it’s a fan favorite! The colorful pattern matches any decor, plus it helps feed shelter animals.

  • Peeping Pups Kitchen Collection
  • Paws Galore Wallet
  • Super Cozy Peacock Fleece Blanketcorrect answer
  • Pet Face Pajama Shorts Set

Wrap yourself up in a Super Cozy Peacock Fleece Throw Blanket! You'll be thankful to have this wonderful blanket as fall settles in. Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Thursday, September 20 2018

Katie, the Great Dane, doesn’t know why her feline sibling takes so long to shower. Maybe it’s because Sid, like most cats…

  • Is attracted to the sound of running water
  • Instinctively avoids stagnant water
  • Prefers cooler, clean, running water
  • All of the abovecorrect answer

Sid's ancestors were desert cats who adapted to sense cool, clean, running water & avoid stagnant water. Katie waits so patiently! Click for Photo, Video & More! →

Question for Wednesday, September 19 2018

This is our favorite trivia day of the month… sharing the _____ that YOU made possible!

  • Funny stories
  • Cat memes
  • Impactcorrect answer
  • Mac and Cheese recipes

Sharing the impact Freekibble had on animals in need, because of YOU, is our favorite trivia day. Check out the difference you made in August! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Tuesday, September 18 2018

___ was rescued from a shelter. Now she’s the most famous instagram cat, with 6 million followers – a Guinness World Record!

  • Tabby
  • Sally
  • Lilly
  • Nalacorrect answer

Nala uses her popularity & cuteness to help animals & people, like those impacted by Hurricane Florence. Want to learn more about Nala? Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Monday, September 17 2018

Otitis had so many cysts on his ___ that they had to be amputated, but he can still ___! Now he looks (adorably) like a seal.

  • Paws, walk
  • Teeth, eat
  • Eyelashes, blink
  • Ears, hearcorrect answer

His mom, Molly, doesn't care that Otitis missing his ears. She even got him a matching stuffed seal toy that he loves to cuddle with! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Sunday, September 16 2018

It’s officially Fall… and that means we have an extra special offer to join Kibble Plus: the Fall-Time ______ Special!

  • Feedapalooza
  • Feed Morecorrect answer
  • Kibble Extravaganza
  • Yummy Tummy

It's the Fall-Time Feed More Special, donating 10,000 pieces of kibble as a bonus for all new Kibble Plus members to FEED MORE shelter pets - only $5 p/Month! Click for More! →

Question for Saturday, September 15 2018

These rare cats are the official mascots for the Montreal International Jazz Festival, & always seem to be smiling! Can you blame them?

  • American shorthair
  • Chartreuxcorrect answer
  • Persian
  • Javanese

The Chartreux looks similar the the British shorthair, & originated in 16th-century France. They're smart, friendly, & playful!

Question for Friday, September 14 2018

Show your support for animal adoption with our beautiful & super-comfortable ___! It’s on sale, & feeds 71 hungry shelter animals.

  • Until They All Have a Home Purple Paws Long Sleeve Teecorrect answer
  • Paw Print Birthstone Ring
  • Painted Paws Apron
  • Rainbow of Paws Flip Flops

We'll also give you FREE shipping on your entire purchase when you get your Until They All Have a Home Purple Paws Long Sleeve Tee! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Thursday, September 13 2018

When you introduce your cat to a new family member, it’s important to ___. If you’re lucky, they’ll get along like cats & dogs!

  • Prepare the room
  • Supervise carefully
  • Watch body language
  • All of the abovecorrect answer

Preparing the room, supervising the introduction, and keeping an eye on body language could lead to adorable friendships like these! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Wednesday, September 12 2018

When his beloved cat disappeared, 10-year-old Aashir climbed an 18-foot ___ to rescue her. Firefighters did not expect this call!

  • Staircase
  • Treecorrect answer
  • Mountain
  • Rooftop

10-year old Aashir climbed up a tree to save his cat, but it was too dangerous for him to climb down! You'll love how this story ends. Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Tuesday, September 11 2018

When cats roll over & stretch out, it’s hard to help giving their fluffy, chubby ___ a rub. (But watch out for annoyed kitty claws!)

  • Tails
  • Ears
  • Tummiescorrect answer
  • Noses

They're not dogs, but sometimes a tummy rub is purrfect. Are you craving that cuteness? Look no further: these fluff-cats are for you! Click for Photos & More! →