Past Trivia

Question for Thursday, October 17 2019

A kitten got stuck in a ___, designed to remove excess rainwater from streets & pavement. Firefighters had to do something!

  • Downspout
  • Manhole
  • Storm draincorrect answer
  • None of the above

Firefighters reached for the kitten, but he went deeper into the storm drain. Check out the extreme measures they took to save him! Click for Photos & Rescue Story! →

Question for Wednesday, October 16 2019

Instead of registering for wedding gifts, Jonathan and Jeananne had guests make ____ to their local animal shelter.

  • Donationscorrect answer
  • Car payments
  • Wedding Vows
  • None of the above

After they said "I Do," the couple 750lbs of food, 1200 cans of wet food, plus $2000 for medical expenses! Click for Photos & Touching Story! →

Question for Tuesday, October 15 2019

Pumpkin was left at the shelter with a broken leg and no hope, but Autumn couldn’t leave the kitten behind so she…

  • Adopted Pumpkin herself
  • Left him a cat toy & food
  • Raised money for surgery
  • Adopted Pumpkin & raised moneycorrect answer

After Autumn adopted Pumpkin, she asked for support to get the surgery he needed for his broken leg. See how she's returned the favor! Click for Photos & Touching Story! →

Question for Monday, October 14 2019

Amy Marie was paddling on a water bike when a cat suddenly fell from a bridge overhead. Immediately she…

  • Did nothing -- cats can swim!
  • Jumped in the water to save himcorrect answer
  • Paddled away from him
  • Grabbed a camera

Marie jumped in the water to rescue the struggling cat. No one is sure how he fell in the first place, but the story doesn't end there! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Sunday, October 13 2019

Of course, your cat is no stranger to grooming herself, but what is the term for when she grooms other cats?

  • Nanogrooming
  • Picogrooming
  • Allogroomingcorrect answer
  • Helogrooming

Allogrooming is the social grooming between members of the same species. It's normal & healthy!

Question for Saturday, October 12 2019

Therapy cats have many positive effects on elderly residents! However, researchers have not found a correlation between cats and ____.

  • Improved hearingcorrect answer
  • Increased alertness
  • Calmness in aggressive patients
  • Smiles

In 25 nursing home studies, cats increased alertness & smiles, and calmed aggressive patients - but had no effect on patients' hearing.

Question for Friday, October 11 2019

Oftentimes, the first thing a new foster kitten receives when coming into foster care is …

  • A home cooked meal
  • Immediate vet care
  • A good bathcorrect answer
  • A brand new toy

Ruby Jane, a giant bloodhound, comforted her new tiny foster kitten during her first bath. It's no wonder this video went viral! Click for Photos & Adorable Video! →

Question for Thursday, October 10 2019

A vet suggested that 5-week old Quinton have his infected leg ___. Doing so would prevent the spread of infection to his tiny body.

  • Put in a cast
  • Amputatedcorrect answer
  • Shaved
  • Shaved & put in a cast

It might seem drastic, but amputating Quinton's leg saved his life! Check out how this tiny orange tabby is doing now. Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Wednesday, October 9 2019

This president was the first to bring felines into the white house. He even rescued them from the cold & found them homes!

  • George Washington
  • Martin Van Buren
  • Abraham Lincolncorrect answer
  • Woodrow Wilson

President Abraham Lincoln loved animals, especially cats. If you guessed that right, you're sure to nail the rest of this kitty-quiz! Click for Photos & Cute Quiz! →

Question for Tuesday, October 8 2019

There are new ways of entertaining your cat beyond the traditional cat toys. ____ allow your cat to swat or catch birds and bugs!

  • Computer Catsimulation
  • Cat phone appscorrect answer
  • Virtual Cat reality
  • Google Cat Glass

In a hilarious video, these four cats are swatting at a virtual bug thanks to a cat phone app. Check out their baffled expressions! Click for Cute Video & More! →

Question for Monday, October 7 2019

We’ve used some strange words to describe our felines & their actions. Do you know what a “grimalkin” is?

  • A catcorrect answer
  • A cat with extra toes
  • An outdated cat toy
  • None of the above

A "grimalkin" is actually a very old term for a cat! Can you match these other crazy kitty vocabulary words to the correct definitions? Click for Photos & Fun Quiz! →

Question for Sunday, October 6 2019

___ animals like your cat are most active during twilight hours. Don’t be surprised if you have a frisky feline around dawn & dusk!

  • Nocturnal
  • Diurnal
  • Matutinal
  • Crepuscular correct answer

Cats are crepuscular by nature, and tend to get active just after dawn and right before dusk. This is the purrfect time to play!

Question for Saturday, October 5 2019

When you see a cat’s fur stand up evenly all over his body, especially with an arched back, it’s an indication that he is ____.

  • Calm
  • Frightenedcorrect answer
  • Sad
  • Hungry

Fur standing on end and an arched back means he’s frightened. Watch out, and avoid the wrong end of a “fight or flight” response!

Question for Friday, October 4 2019

Otie is a fluffy ___ kitty, one of the largest breeds. Nicknamed “the gentle giant,” this once feral kitten is now living the good life.

  • Maine Cooncorrect answer
  • American Curl
  • Siamese
  • Turkish Angora

Otie's parents nourish his feral side with lots of adventures & road trips. You should see what this handsome Maine coon is up to now! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Thursday, October 3 2019

Herbee, a spiny ___, loves to go on adventures around the world with his bengal cat pal, Audree. They’ve gotten quite the following!

  • Armadillo
  • Hedgehog correct answer
  • Sea urchin
  • Cockatiel

Aubree, a beautiful bengal cat, & Herbee, a cute hedgehog, make an adorable duo in these stunning landscape photos. Go look! Click for Beautiful Photos & More! →

Question for Wednesday, October 2 2019

___ are(is) a way for kitty to mark their territory, help remove old material from their claws, & deter them from harming the furniture.

  • Litterboxes
  • Playing outdoors
  • Naptime
  • Cat scratcherscorrect answer

This two story cat scratcher looks like a haunted mansion -- just in time for Halloween! It's purrfectly designed for them to play inside. Click for Spooky Photos & More! →

Question for Tuesday, October 1 2019

If your cat could talk, they might tell you why they’re ___. It can indicate contentment, or be a comfort mechanism during stress.

  • Yowling
  • Chirping
  • Purringcorrect answer
  • None of the above

Purring doesn't always indicate contentment; sometimes it's a reaction to stress. Take a look at what it actually means when your cat purrs. Click for Photos & More Info! →

Question for Monday, September 30 2019

Jemmie, a shih tzu mix, gives back to her former shelter by donating ___. They used it to create a serum that helped these poor ___!

  • Saliva; butterflies
  • Tears; fish
  • Fur; birds
  • Blood; kittenscorrect answer

The kittens recovered their eyesight, thanks to Jemmie and her wonderful blood donation. You should see their before & after pictures! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Sunday, September 29 2019

What’s soft, cuddly, squishable and feeds 25 shelter cats? The Butterscotch Kitty ______.

  • Cookie
  • Plushcorrect answer
  • Nerf ball
  • Inflatable doll

Special for the Freekibble community, the limited edition Butterscotch Kitty plush is super cuddly... and each one purchased feeds 25 shelter cats! Click for Photo & More! →

Question for Saturday, September 28 2019

Normally, cats have ___ toes. But two polydactyl cats hold the world record for the most toes, with ___ each!

  • 12, 36
  • 18, 28correct answer
  • 20, 40
  • 22, 50

Most cats have 18 toes,five on each front paw and four on each back paw. The record is 28! Try counting toes on your cute cat's feet.

Question for Friday, September 27 2019

Our ___ is so soft, it’s no wonder that it’s a fan favorite! You’ll be thankful to have it as fall settles in, plus, it feeds 35 shelter animals.

  • Peeping Pups Kitchen Collection
  • Super Cozy Fleece Paw Print Blanketcorrect answer
  • Paws Galore Wallet
  • Pet Face Pajama Shorts Set

Wrap yourself up in a Super Cozy Fleece Paw Print Blanket! Pick any of the colorful patterns while they're buy one, get one FREE! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Thursday, September 26 2019

Feral cats can be hard to adopt because they often take extra ___ than stray cats that were lost or abandoned.

  • Food
  • Petting
  • Patience correct answer
  • Grooming

The Humane Society of Silicon Valley has created a feral cat garden where they get the patience needed to be introduced to humans. Check Out This Lovely Garden! →

Question for Wednesday, September 25 2019

At the Naval Station in Norfolk, VA, a volunteer team called ___ is dedicated to trapping stray cats so they can be ___.

  • Kitty Kapturers 5; walked
  • Seal Team 6; trained
  • Feline Force 9; bathed
  • Cat Team 7; adoptedcorrect answer

Cat Team 7 aims to trap homeless cats so they can have proper care & be put up for adoption. See them in their new homes! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Tuesday, September 24 2019

The day that Aaron walked down the aisle, he could think of no better person to have as his ___ than his beloved cat, Prince Michael.

  • Best mancorrect answer
  • Cat of Honor
  • Usher
  • Officiant

Aaron wanted Michael to be a part of his special day, so he made his exceptionally cool cat his best man! You'll love their wedding photos. Click for Special Photos & More! →

Question for Monday, September 23 2019

Crazy cat myths that have followed our favorite felines around the world for centuries. Which of these myths contain a grain of truth?

  • Black cats are unlucky
  • Cats are interdimensional aliens
  • Cats have 9 lives
  • Only sick cats eat grasscorrect answer

"Only sick cats eat grass" is a myth with a bit of truth. Cats actually eat it for many reasons, not just to settle an upset tummy! Click for Photos & More Helpful Info! →

Question for Sunday, September 22 2019

If your cat has two different colored eyes then they have what’s known as ___.

  • Meterochromia
  • Chormianomia
  • Heperohomia
  • Heterochromiacorrect answer

Also known as "odd-eyed" cats, heterochromia is quite striking and cats often have eyes with green, yellow, or blue irises.

Question for Saturday, September 21 2019

Did you know that catnip has relaxing properties for humans? How is it most commonly consumed?

  • Ice cream flavor
  • Teacorrect answer
  • Seasoning
  • Cocktail

Catnip tea helps relieve stress, headaches, upset stomachs, & insomnia. The English drank it regularly before tea arrived from China!

Question for Friday, September 20 2019

The Feline & Offender Rehabilitation program is using ___ to help watch, feed, & care for homeless cats until
they can be adopted.

  • Puppies
  • Soldiers
  • Inmatescorrect answer
  • Kindergarteners

With rules in place the program is going well! Check out what the inmates have to say about their interactions with these wonderful cats! Click for Photos & Touching Story! →

Question for Thursday, September 19 2019

When 10-year old Bella found a missing ___ of a black & white cat named Alfred, she immediately hopped on her ___ to find him!

  • Collar, Moped
  • Phone number, skateboard
  • Poster, bikecorrect answer
  • Cat toy, scooter

With the poster, her bike, & some cat treats, Bella scoured the neighborhood until she found Alfred hiding in a storm drain! Click To See What Happened Next! →

Question for Wednesday, September 18 2019

The ___ has been nicknamed the “Poodle cat” & is most known for its very curly coat and her tolerant & loving personality!

  • Havana Brown
  • Ragdoll
  • Selkirk Rexcorrect answer
  • Savannah

You'll want to use a comb on these thick, curly locks! Check out these 20 Selkirk Rex cats & kittens and see what all the fuss is about. Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Tuesday, September 17 2019

Like 10% of the population, Quentin is extremely ___ cats, but he still stopped his motorcycle to help a tiny kitten.

  • Scared of
  • Allergic tocorrect answer
  • Friendly toward
  • All of the above

Quentin is allergic to cats, so when he and another man stopped traffic to help this little furball, the stranger offered to take him home! Click for Photos, Video & More! →

Question for Monday, September 16 2019

Calico cats & kittens are almost always ___! That’s because the gene for their ___ is on the X chromosome.

  • Polydactyl, toes
  • Silver-eyed; eye color
  • Female, colorcorrect answer
  • Male, tail-length

Like most calicos, Jubilee's color comes from the chromosome that makes her female. When she needed help, a tough Marine stepped in... Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Sunday, September 15 2019

Cats are desert creatures and like warmer temperatures. But if summer days get too hot, you can try to ___ to help them cool down!

  • Wet their ears and paws
  • Let them lay on chilled towels
  • Wet your cat's ears & paws & let them lay on chilled towelscorrect answer
  • None of the above

If your cat is too hot, wetting their ears & paws and laying on cold towels will cool their blood as it circulates through their bodies.

Question for Saturday, September 14 2019

___ is a highly contagious form of parvovirus that most commonly affects kittens. Like parvovirus, it impacts the major bodily functions.

  • Distemper
  • Mange
  • Cancer
  • Feline panleukopeniacorrect answer

Cats or kittens with feline panleukopenia need early treatment & confinement, but the virus can be easily avoided with early vaccinations.

Question for Friday, September 13 2019

While outdoors, you stumble over some kittens much too young to fend for themselves. If they’re not in a box, what should you do?

  • Don't disturb them, but keep watchcorrect answer
  • Put a blanket over them
  • Take them to the shelter immediately
  • Give them fresh water

Chances are good that mama will return, so don't disturb them - but keep watch over them for a few hours. Do you know what to do next? Click for Photos & Important Info! →

Question for Thursday, September 12 2019

In 2016, Didga broke her own World Record for the most tricks performed by a cat in under a minute. How many tricks did she perform?

  • 50
  • 37
  • 24correct answer
  • 13

Didga performed 24 tricks in under a minute, including a skateboarding "hippy" jump. But have you met Didga's brother, Boomer? Click for Video & More! →