Past Trivia

Question for Friday, January 22 2021

Cinnamon, a sweet 6-year-old tortoiseshell, was rescued off the streets of Florida, but became ____ once placed in the shelter.

  • Sweeter
  • Hairless
  • Medicated
  • Distressedcorrect answer

One woman chose to adopt Cinnamon, regardless of how distressed & standoffish she was in the shelter. See how she changed once in her new home! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Thursday, January 21 2021

Pria was suffering from an upper respiratory infection, kidney disease, and ____, which can cause stiff, swollen, or sore joints.

  • Feline Immunodeficiency Virus
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritiscorrect answer
  • Ringworm

Because of Pria's unique conditions, such as arthritis, she needed a unique adopter to come to her rescue. Thankfully, one such person stepped up. Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Wednesday, January 20 2021

A Burmese cat has the coat color of ____, with only a few variants.

  • Brown, sable, or sealcorrect answer
  • White or cream
  • Grey or Black
  • None of the above

Depending on which region of the world you live in, Burmese cats are brown, sable, or seal. Can you guess these other cats only by their coat colors? Click Here To Take Our Quiz! →

Question for Tuesday, January 19 2021

Titan was minding his own business when a large ___, native to the Americas, showed up on the television behind him!

  • Tiger
  • Pumacorrect answer
  • Sand cat
  • Serval

Did you know that pumas are more closely related to domestic cats (like Titan) than lions & tigers? Check out his reaction! Click for Photo, Video & More! →

Question for Monday, January 18 2021

Daisy & Dexter woke their guardian up before a raging ____ took his life. He knew something had to be wrong based on their behavior.

  • Tsunami
  • Thunderstorm
  • Firecorrect answer
  • Snowstorm

Daisy & Dexter didn't just save their own guardian from a dangerous fire, but their neighbors too. Thankfully the fire didn't spread. Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Sunday, January 17 2021

A stray found shelter from the freezing weather at the Steinbach Fire Department. Appropriately, the fire chief decided to name her ___!

  • Monsoon
  • Lily
  • Embercorrect answer
  • Olaf

The fire chief named her Ember, and the entire department and its Facebook fans helped get her adopted into the purrfect furrever home! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Saturday, January 16 2021

Which of the following can cause a cat to stop using the litter box?

  • A new cat in the house
  • A new baby in the house
  • A urinary tract infection
  • Any of the abovecorrect answer

Environmental & health stresses like new family members and infections can cause unwanted accidents. Keep a close, caring eye on kitty!

Question for Friday, January 15 2021

Oldest, a senior shelter cat from Midcoast Humane in Maine, had been returned to the shelter several times until one day…

  • The shelter owner decided to take him home
  • A soldier came into the shelter
  • His original guardian called about himcorrect answer
  • A secret Santa found him a furever home

Kendra, Oldest's original guardian, couldn't believe her eyes. She immediately called the shelter & told them her story. Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Thursday, January 14 2021

After a short ___, a man named Ali discovered that he’d made a new furry friend. No wonder, since cats spend 16-20 hours a day ___!

  • Groom, bird watching
  • Walk, purring
  • Snack, eating
  • Nap, sleepingcorrect answer

Ali woke up from his nap to find a dirty, white stray kitten sleeping on his lap. He really fell in love when he heard her purr! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Wednesday, January 13 2021

The ____ name comes from the German word for “harmony,” which may explain this cat’s funny response when her human starts to play!

  • Bassoon's
  • Accordion'scorrect answer
  • Dulcimer's
  • Lute's

The accordion's name comes from "akkord," a German word for harmony. Maybe that's why this kitty is so enraptured when her human plays! Click for Video & More! →

Question for Tuesday, January 12 2021

In an adorable video shared across Twitter, this golden retriever took his cat friend ____ in the snow. Just look at him get pulled around!

  • For a sleigh ridecorrect answer
  • Mushing
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding

In a video that was shared for Christmas, you can see a cat get pulled in a sleigh by his golden retriever friend. How cute is this? Click for Photo, Video & More! →

Question for Monday, January 11 2021

A YouTube channel posted a video showcasing 9 stray cats taking their first steps in a(n) ____. It was equipped with cat houses & towers!

  • Outdoor hike
  • A fresh litter box
  • Indoor spacecorrect answer
  • None of the above

The cats were a little cautious of their new indoor space, but settled in nicely. See how it was decorated and each of their reactions! Click for Photos, Video & More! →

Question for Sunday, January 10 2021

As a kitten, he was considered ugly. Today, the beloved ginger cat from Spain proudly bears the name ___ for his loving purrsonality.

  • Iago
  • Romeocorrect answer
  • Petruchio
  • Antonio

Romeo is, and always was, a delight. His sweet, affectionate nature outshines his deformity, reminding us that different is not less. Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Saturday, January 9 2021

It’s always good to keep an eye on your cat’s health. Which of these symptoms are classic signs of diabetes in cats?

  • Increased appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Increased thirst
  • All of the abovecorrect answer

Despite having a huge appetite, diabetic cats often lose weight. They often have increased thirst and urine output, too!

Question for Friday, January 8 2021

A cat with a genetic deformity that causes it to develop radial hypoplasia, usually with short forelegs, is also known as a…

  • Twisty cat
  • Kangaroo cat
  • Squitten
  • All of the abovecorrect answer

Twisty cat, kangaroo cat, & squitten all describe cats who have radial hypoplasia. With proper care, they can lead long, happy lives! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Thursday, January 7 2021

Boo Boo had a rough start in life due to abuse and negligence. His leg needed to be ____ because of a nasty infection.

  • Sutured
  • Amputated correct answer
  • Casted
  • Bandaged

Despite his unfortunate start in life, Boo Boo's foster dad reports that he's still the sweetest kitten, even after an infection took one of his legs. Can You Help Boo Boo? →

Question for Wednesday, January 6 2021

According to Rover, the top cat names for 2020 for male and female cats (respectively) were ___ & ___!

  • Max & Bella
  • Oliver & Lunacorrect answer
  • Rover & Fifi
  • Rex & Daisy

Drumroll, please! In 2020, according to Rover, the top cat names were Oliver & Luna. Looking for the rest of the list? We've got you covered. Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Tuesday, January 5 2021

Fans gave three “Reddit gold” awards to webcam videos of a cat cuddling with a ___. He only does it when his humans are away!

  • Tug toy
  • Granddad
  • Nervous dogcorrect answer
  • Dog bone

Kelvin is an affectionate orange tabby cat. Joule is a rescue dog with anxiety. Their not-so-secret snuggling has delighted thousands! Click for Photos, Video & More! →

Question for Monday, January 4 2021

A tuxedo cat named Elli has ___, which caused an extraordinary transformation that left her looking like a completely different cat!

  • Feliformia
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Fleas
  • Vitiligocorrect answer

Elli has a harmless condition called vitiligo. She transformed from a tuxedo cat into what her human says is more like a little snow owl! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Sunday, January 3 2021

In a Christmas miracle, the Bryants were reunited with their missing cat after 7 years, all thanks to a ___.

  • Microchip correct answer
  • Friendly neighbor
  • Stray cat poster
  • Thoughtful veterinarian

Nancy and Dave Bryant were shocked when they received the phone call that their missing cat, Benny, had been found -- all thanks to a microchip! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Saturday, January 2 2021

When a cat drapes his tail across your body, she’s trying to indicate that…?

  • They're your buddycorrect answer
  • They're angry
  • They're hungry
  • They’re bored

If you notice your cat draping her tail across you, or another other cat or dog, it's an indication of friendship!

Question for Friday, January 1 2021

Keith Walker might be homeless, but don’t discount his bravery. One morning he saw a shelter ____ and he ran inside!

  • Ransacked by burglars
  • Engulfed in flamescorrect answer
  • Flooded with water
  • None of the above

Keith came out with 6 dogs and 10 cats -- all saved from the fire, including his own dog. You'll love this touching story. Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Thursday, December 31 2020

Last year, Pixar released a new short film called ___. It all started when the director fell in love with cat videos, and decided to animate one.

  • Fluffball
  • Float
  • Kitbullcorrect answer
  • Katz

The aptly named Kitbull is about a stray cat who befriends a pit bull. Grab a tissue; this sweet Pixar film will move you to tears. Click for Photos, Video & More! →

Question for Wednesday, December 30 2020

Maciek, a ____ rescued from a fur farm, & injured from his previous life, never expected to see actual snow falling!

  • Polar foxcorrect answer
  • White bear
  • Small mouse
  • None of the above

Maciek, a polar or snow fox, spends his days living in a sanctuary with his trusted dog companion, Klara. You should see how they reacted to their first snow! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Tuesday, December 29 2020

When a 3-week-old disabled kitten abandoned in the Alaskan snow was found, the purrfect foster mom was found: a ___ named Cinder!

  • Chicken
  • Hedgehog
  • Teddy bear
  • Huskycorrect answer

A wonderful Husky named Cinder, with a natural maternal instinct, took HarPURR the kitten in right away and showered him with love! Click for Photos, Video & More! →

Question for Monday, December 28 2020

Crouton’s home was destroyed by a ____ & he suffered several severe injuries from the devastation, too. But his fighting spirit didn’t give up!

  • Flood
  • Tornado
  • Firecorrect answer
  • Mudslide

It took Crouton months to recover from his injuries from the house fire but his foster family knew after a few days that he'd have a permanent home. Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Sunday, December 27 2020

Nathan traded a life in a shelter for an adventurous one living in an ____. He gets to hike & travel and live life to the fullest!

  • Airstream correct answer
  • Mansion
  • Apartment
  • Fort

Now that Nathan is living in an airstream, his family has had to make special accommodations for when he gets tired on the trail. Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Saturday, December 26 2020

The ___ has thick mats protecting the soles of its feet and, though rare, inhabits high elevations in the Tibetan Plateau.

  • Chinese Mountain catcorrect answer
  • Black-footed cat
  • Ocelot
  • Cougar

The Chinese Mountain cat is active at night, & currently threatened due to widespread poisoning of a small prey mammal called a pika.

Question for Friday, December 25 2020

Cole & Marmalade’s parents have to go to some extreme lengths to stop their kitties from taking down the ___ during the holidays!

  • Television
  • Picture frames
  • Catnip
  • Christmas decorationscorrect answer

Having trouble keeping your cat away from the Christmas decorations? You're not alone - look at what Cole & Marmalade's parents did! Click for Photos, Video & More! →

Question for Thursday, December 24 2020

During a live ___ performance, a stray cat quietly made his way on stage to hang out with the musicians, while the crowd cheered him on!

  • Orchestra correct answer
  • Broadway
  • Puppet
  • Choir

Without missing a beat, the orchestra continued the concert. Both the crowd and the cat clearly considered the performance a success! Click for Photo, Video & More! →

Question for Wednesday, December 23 2020

Outdoor cats can be exposed to predators, disease, and accidents. They have an average lifespan of … ?

  • 2-5 years correct answer
  • 5-7 years
  • 10-15 years
  • 20-25 years

Poison, predation, accidents, & disease shorten the average lifespan of outdoor cats to 2-5 years. Indoor cats average 13-17 years! Help Your Outdoor Cat Be An Indoor Cat! →

Question for Tuesday, December 22 2020

A tiny 3-week-old kitten was found, alone, skin and bones, & freezing. His foster mom gave him a ___ and a ___ to help him survive!

  • Bottle, chicken dinner
  • Incubator, teddy bearcorrect answer
  • Litter box, flea treatment
  • Radio, catnip mouse

His incubator provided vital warmth, but little Rey was really attached to his teddy bear, & got super cranky when it had to be washed! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Monday, December 21 2020

For the first time in over 100 years, sightings of a ___ have been verified in Kenya. Her rosettes showed up in special infrared images!

  • Golden sand cat
  • White margay
  • Ghost cheetah
  • Black leopardcorrect answer

Scientists set up remote cameras near the black leopard sightings, and were rewarded with images of these near-mythical creatures. Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Sunday, December 20 2020

When allergies in the family prevented her from getting a cat, 6-year-old Jazmine adopted an adorable ___ named Donnie instead.

  • Plush cat toycorrect answer
  • Mexican hairless dog
  • Pet rock
  • Golden hamster

Last year, Jazmine was worried when her plush cat toy got a scratch, & insisted on calling the vet clinic. What they did next will melt your heart! Click for Photos & More! →

Question for Saturday, December 19 2020

Like dogs, cats have a special membrane called the tapetum lucidum that helps them ___.

  • Maintain their balance
  • Increase their sense of smell
  • See in dimmer lightcorrect answer
  • Clean their fur

No need for night-vision goggles! The tapetum lucidum in cat & dog eyes helps them use reflected light to see better in dim conditions.

Question for Friday, December 18 2020

Deidre spent 24-hours clinging to life in a ____ before two twin girls looked down and found her. Then, a huge rescue effort took place to free her!

  • Tree
  • Sewer drain correct answer
  • Pool
  • Power line

Deidre was exhausted from her time down in the sewer drain & needed emergency vet care. She slowly recovered, but her story doesn't end there! Click for Photos & More! →