A Cat That Loves To Hug!

Cats are often considering aloof creatures… Most of the time by people who don’t really understand them. I found video proof of a feline love machine! Here you go! Send this or a tag that doubtful friend… you know that person that swore cats are not into affection! Cats can be very loving and very loyal.

This hug obsessed cat is so adorable, I have to pace myself while watching her. She reaches up to her mom for some love, with the cutest pink paws. I’m obsessed with this furry love machine and you will be too!

Sadly, not all loving cats find homes that they can be little furry love machines in 🙁 There are just too many of them out there, in shelters and fosters homes (and even on the street!) That is why it is sooooo important that we do our part to control the cat population.

Of the 3.4 million who wind up in shelters each year, only 37% are adopted, according to the ASPCA. And although they’re cute and we love each and every one, it’s a tragedy that more kittens are born every day who will not have the opportunity to become beloved pets. The overpopulation problem is real, but you can help stop it. Check out this great spay/neuter program and please do what you can, by sharing this site and the info! Thank you!

[media height="270" width="480" provider="youtube" type="iframe" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/VyH-oOE_8mA?feature=oembed" start=0 end=103 ad="true"]