Think Black Cats Are Bad Luck? Magic Kevin Is Here To Prove You Wrong!

It’s a sad fact that black cats have the most trouble finding a forever home, primarily due to the stigma of “bad luck” surrounding them. Black cat cross your path? Bad luck. Afraid of witches? Watch out for their black cat familiars. Even today, they’re associated with scary things in America (witness the widespread phenomenon of black cat decorations on Halloween).

Well, the folks at CATastrophes took it upon themselves to show people just how wrong that stigma is! This hilarious short shows us just how LUCKY black cats actually can be, and why they should actually be the first on your radar when adopting a new friend.

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Okay, so it’s unlikely that adopting a black cat will win you the lottery jackpot, or that you’ll be shoveling bills instead of stinky unmentionables in the litter box. (On the bright side, you’re also not going to break your arm and be arrested when you’re separated from your beloved black cat!) But you will reap the rewards of adoption – in a new BFF, lots of love, and a plethora of purrs. If that’s not lucky, nothing is!

You can also see more about Magic Kevin, whose real name is Hemmingway, in this short video. And remember, never overlook a cat based on the color of its fur. He could be your new best feline friend!

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