Cat Makes A Big League Impression During Miami Marlins Game!

Not everyone finds baseball exciting. Even though it’s America’s pastime, occasionally the games drag a bit. But during a recent game, the Miami Marlins inadvertently found a way to make watching the game a lot more fun, baseball fan or not! During their April 11th game against the Atlanta Braves, the Marlins had a surprise guest tear across the field, and this time it wasn’t a fan. Well, not a human one anyway!

During the fifth inning of the game, a cat ran out onto the field, grabbing the attention of both teams, the entire crowd, and the announcers. Outfielder Giancarlo Stanton attempted to usher him away, but this “Rally Cat” had plans of its own.

During the game’s broadcast, Marlins announcer Rich Waltz praised the cat’s agility as it climbed the giant T-Mobile ad in right field.

“Look at this cat,” he said, “Terrific stuff by the cat. Outstanding!”

Anyone that watched the cat’s antics can certainly agree with that analysis! The Marlins went on to win the game, but our hero fled into the night, and it was feared the cat would never be seen again.

Turns out that the best part of the story was yet to come! The next day, the Marlins’ Twitter page called for name suggestions from fans, and Don Cattingly was born. Amazingly, the cat reappeared later in the week and was captured, then adopted, by a Marlins staff member. While his dreams of playing in the big leagues might be over, Don Cattingly is going to be remembered for a very, very long time!