Lil Kitty Purring Machine

Do kittens purr? You bet they do! Some speculate that the deep rumble is comforting and even healing, and helps the little fuzzballs communicate and form a deeper connection with their mamas. It has been proven that, in humans, listening to a cat’s purr can actually lower blood pressure, decrease anxiety and make even the grumpiest of people smile. No joke!

Whatever the reason, that incredibly resonant sound coming from their incredibly tiny bodies is pretty much irresistible to most humans. It doesn’t help when the sweet purring is accompanied by gentle kneading and wide, loving eyes full of kitten wonder. We just can’t stand it – we hand our hearts right over, then and there.

Meet Mutsu, a tiny purring machine that will surely bring a smile to your face. I think Mutsu should be the official purr machine. Get ready to lose your heart again. What a doll baby!

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