Dog Who Was Blind For Years Gets Life-Changing Eye Surgery And Sees Her Owners For The First Time

This Cocker Spaniel, named Olive, was once a stray before she was rescued and adopted by a loving family. On top of that, she was also blind.

Luckily, her blindness was not permanent and was able to be corrected with surgery. Her human mom, Holly Emmerson, was patiently awaiting the surgery to be completed so she could go see Olive and have Olive be able to see her for the first time.

Olive had been blind for three years prior to that moment, so you can only imagine what she was feeling after her surgery. While at the vets, during her recovery, she seemed to be doing well and was extremely thrilled to be able to see. Once she saw Holly and her husband, Bart, she bolted toward them, wagging her tail. Although she had never seen them before and didn’t know what they looked like, she could definitely smell them and knew it was them.

She couldn’t stop looking at her owners, jumping up and down in excitement. Then got a glance of the traffic outside. For the first time in so long, Olive could finally see the world around her. Seeing her so happy and alert for the first time is such a heart-warming thing to witness!

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