My Precious

Hi, my name is Smeagol. I was a baby kitten sitting on the edge of the road. My mouth hurt so bad, I was so hungry, I didn't care about the cars and motorcycles speeding right by me. Suddenly, a car stopped, and a human picked me up and put me inside. She knew something was wrong because I didn't run away when she drove past. So she went around the block and came back for me. I was so happy to be off that hot, dusty highway, I started to purr as I sat there on her passenger seat, as I listened to her calling her Mom, and kept purring as we went into the vet.

But it was really bad news. My jaw was broken, the bone was sticking out inside my mouth. It was badly infected and smelled so bad, it must have been broken for several days. That's how long I wasn't able to eat anything. I was covered with a crusty mixture of pus and blood and dirt because even though I was injured I still wanted to be clean and I had licked myself all over.

The vet said there was nothing they could do. They did not have any pin that small to fix my jaw, I was just too tiny and weak. But the human remembered how I had purred the whole car ride, and she just couldn't put me to sleep. She asked what would happen if they did nothing, and the vet said “how will he eat?”. It was just destiny that the human had 2 tins of gravy cat food in her purse. I put my whole head in that tin and I nommed down that food! So it was settled, I would be given a chance. I went home purring with antibiotics and human hoping for a miracle.

As soon as we got home my eyes became so bright, she said I looked like Smeagol.

Eventually my jaw healed on it's own, slightly crooked, and I have a snaggletooth. But I love food and I love life!!!

Belize City, Belize
From The Animal Rescue Site