This Rescued Fox Is Looking For Laughs And Loving Every Minute

The verdict is in! The public loves foxes. Is it because they’re the perfect mixture of canine and the wild? Or maybe it’s that gorgeous red coat and floof of a tail. All I know is I’m smitten for foxes too. And this guy only makes me love them MORE!

Finnegan was rescued from a fur farm. He goes by the name “Finn” and his rescuers really love him. He’s super playful and very gentle. He will live his now happy life at his new home, no longer equipped to be in the wild. But that’s okay, he will get loads of attention!


Just like dogs, foxes love to play. His rescuers got him a new toy that almost giggles when it’s shaken. But Finn can’t really figure it out. He knows he likes it and he knows he wants to make it giggle. Seeing him happy, healthy and full of playful energy gives this animal lover and giant SMILE!


Do you love foxes too?

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