Rescue Organizations for All Kinds of Animals

We’ve all heard of rescues for your typical companion animals. Dogs, cats, even parrots and rodents have many dedicated people helping these animals find their forever homes. But there’s other rescues that are out there that serve a very specialized client base.

Here’s five of the most surprising rescue organizations out there. When there’s a demand, there’s someone who will cater to it, and these five groups definitely prove that point!


Swan Guard

China News / via

China News / via


In Korla, Xinjiang, China, a group of dedicated citizens formed the Swan Guard to help the local birds in times of need and feed them over the harsh winter.

Recently, a swan was discovered with its beak frozen shut, and the Guard sprang into action. Swan Guard’s Sheng Liang captured the swan and rushed it to her “swan house,” where sick and injured swans are treated. There, she thawed the bird’s beak and fed it before returning it to the river.

Without the help of Sheng Liang and the Swan Guard, it would have been unlikely the poor bird’s beak would have thawed on its own.