Man Drives Hours in a Snowstorm to Rescue Dog on Death Row

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Our hearts were broken when we lost our 10-year-old Scottie to Cushing’s disease. Even though we had a beagle, Roxy, and a rescue Catahoula, we still felt there was a hole in our little family.

One afternoon, my husband came across a picture on Facebook of a 3-year-old Catahoula dog named George that was facing his last days in a kill shelter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He could not get that dog out of his mind, so he called the shelter and asked if they could hold George until Saturday when we could drive down to adopt him. They were more than willing to work with us!


Well, Saturday came and with it, a big snowstorm. We decided I would stay home with our two dogs in case the power went off and they needed to be kept warm. A simple four-to-five hour drive turned into 12 hours of icy roads following snow plows. My husband kept in touch with the shelter and they waited for him until 10:00 on a Saturday night so my husband could bring George home. They had to stop at a hotel overnight but finally made it home late Sunday evening. My husband and George were best buddies for over 10 years. We had to let George go last Monday.


Yes, it’s terribly hard to lose these wonderful creatures, but the best thing we can do to honor their memory is to love another rescue and make its life a good one. They enrich our lives so much.

Story submitted by Cathy Kempton from Coweta, Oklahoma.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!