Smart Cat Regularly Sneaks Into Retirement Home, Becomes Cherished Supervisor

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Who knew that one day the plump-looking striped cat who lived nearby would make his way into the hearts of residents and staff at Bayview Retirement Community? Known only as Mr. Pickles, this visitor would visit the community regularly.

He seemingly enjoyed the company of our residents and staff more than his original owner. Mr. Pickles (Pickles for short) was a smart little guy. He quickly figured out how to open our automatic doors by waiting in key spots and knew which residents would feed him cat treats. His visits were quite jovial.


Pickles continued to visit for about a year until his original owner decided to move. The owner couldn’t take Pickles, and so he needed a home. It was then Pickles stopped “visiting” and became a cherished member of the Bayview community.

With blessings from his owner, Pickles has now been living at Bayiew for over eight years. He mainly spends time in the main lobby and, in some ways, keeping a watch over our community. He knows where his food is, which Bayview “mom” takes him up to sleep, and where his… giant litter box is (oh, the great outdoors).

Most importantly, Pickles has become a well-known Bayview celebrity, offering comfort to our community with his calming presence. In some ways, it wasn’t Bayview who rescued Pickles. Mr. Pickles rescued us and surprisingly chose us as his community of choice.


Story submitted by Jill Chang from Seattle, Washington.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!