Saving Sweet Sophie

When you think of a mastiff, the words “goofy”, “happy”, and “gentle giant”, usually come to mind. So when volunteers found Sophie acting lethargic, depressed, and defeated, they knew something must be wrong. SophieVetAfter rushing sweet Sophie to the emergency vet, they could see she was barely able to hold her weight up and growing weaker by the minute.

The emergency staff determined she was suffering from pyometra, an infection of the uterus — no doubt caused by the horrible puppy mill situation that Sophie was rescued from. She immediately underwent emergency surgery to save her from going into septic shock.

Thanks to the quick work of the emergency staff and the volunteers at Pet Haven, Sophie persevered and recovered back to her giant healthy, happy self. The spark that returned to her eyes is undeniable. We’re happy to report that she’s been adopted into a loving home.
Sophie’s surgery wouldn’t have been possible without our visitors making purchases from our partner, The Animal Rescue Site, which helps support animals in need with each purchase, and from users playing Freekibble’s daily trivia to help feed shelter pets – over 17 million meals to shelter animals to-date. Thank you for your support!

Now, not only does Sophie get to go to work every day with her new mom, but she enjoys a plethora of chew bones, a huge bed to catch up on her beauty sleep in, and all the attention she can soak up.